Armaan Malik needs no introduction; he is well-known for his Bollywood hit songs that could heal your heart and soothe a broken soul. A complete package considering the great voice complemented by his good looks, he can charm you in an instant. Armaan has been in the industry since 2014, but truly broke out in 2016 when he sang for films like Kapoor & Sons, M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story, Baar Baar Dekho, Airlift and Baaghi. Bol Do Na Zara’, ‘Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon’, ‘Jab Tak- the list is long! The Bollywood star recently performed at Lord of the Drinks (LOD) here in Kathmandu. Here's an excerpt of a quick tête-à-tête with the singing sensation before the massive concert.

How did the idea to perform in Nepal come about?

I’d been longing to perform in Nepal for a very long time. I’ve also always heard about the Nepalese fans who call themselves ‘Armaniansand have always wanted to see myself in their own town. However, it could never happen before due to one reason or the other. Finally, we made it happen. Today, 1st February 2020 is the day where I’ll be performing for the very first time in Nepal and I’m super excited. I can show you DMs where fans have always messaged me asking me to come here and perform for them. I am really glad and we’re gonna have a rocking night.

What did you hear about Nepal in the past?

Nepal has always been known to me as a beautiful country. It’s definitely heaven on earth because of the beautiful surroundings it has. Mother Nature has blessed the country heartfully. Not just the natural aspect, even the people here are amazing. People here love music and they love Bollywood songs. Today, being here, doing a live concert for them feels great.

How do you respond to the love you get from your fans from different places?

Fans are fans, no matter from which ever country they are from. They love my music wherever they are from. I’m thankful to god that I’ve such amazing fans, ‘Armanians as I call them and they proudly address themselves that way as well. I’m looking forward to having all of them come over tonight and have a party with me. For me, every concert is about fun because music makes you forget your problems in life and I think if I can make everyone forget their problems for at least two or three hours, that becomes my responsibility. So, as an artist, I’m really looking forward to this concert.

What do you have to say about the organizers of the event?

I am working with Meraki Nepal and Elements for this show and I’m really thankful to both of them. They have organized this show together and worked very hard to finally make Armaan Malik Live in Nepal possible. There have been a lot of times when my plans got cancelled due to some circumstances but both of these people collaborated and made it a reality for me and my team. I guess we couldn’t have got better partners for this show.

How have you planned your trip to Nepal?

I would love to, but I don’t have much time as I’m heading back to India just after my concert. I will soon come back to get the scenic views of the Himalayas.

Which was your breakthrough moment in your career?

I guess ‘Main Hoon Hero Tera was one of my most successful hits which gave me a break in the Indian music scene. People started recognizing me as a singer and started focusing on me after that.

What goes into your mind before recording a song?

Before singing any song, I definitely think about the situation of the song. If it’s a sad song, I tend to switch off the lights in the recording room and feel that atmosphere. If it’s a happy song, I try to order as much food as possible because food makes me really happy. So, it depends on the genre and how I react.

Who’s been your inspiration?

As a singer, my inspiration has definitely been Sonu Nigam sir. He’s one of my favorite singers and has inspired me since I was very young. Globally, I have a lot of inspirations like Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, John Mayer and yes, Chris Brown!

Any last words for your Nepali fans out there?

I really love you all and please keep loving me the same way you do, and we’ll do many more concerts in future.