Sachin Mehta, the Country Director of William Grant & Sons was in Nepal recently to launch the two new editions of Glenfiddich Whiskey. The India Pale Ale and the Project X were part of their new experimental series. He delved into their latest experiments, strategy and successes.
“Since I have been appointed the country director, I have had the opportunity to come to Nepal often and see the drinking scenario. We noticed that many Nepalis have a huge fascination for good quality whiskey, which is why we decided to do a special launch here in Kathmandu,” says Mehta.

Mehta has been part of the company since 2016 and after being appointed the country director, decided that Nepal should also get to enjoy these brands because of their huge appreciation of whiskey. With over 20 years of experience in the premium spirits industry, he now has the opportunity to host such events all over the Indian subcontinent.
He has had an incredible journey at William Grant & Sons. His rich industry knowledge and far-sighted vision means that during his time with the business, he also played a huge role as the head of sales. The result was seen immediately as was evident from the extraordinary growth, boost in revenue, operational performance and profitability.
The Country Director said, “In our first groundbreaking experiment, malt master Brain Kinsman proved that traditional whiskey casks can still be seasoned in a pioneering way. Collaborating with a local Speyside craft brewer, Brain created a boldy and zesty India pale ale to imbue our rich casks with extra hoppy notes.” The idea behind this body of work was very different. Very rarely does one get to see a mix of beer and whiskey. However, they made it work.

The second whiskey, Project X was also a great experiment. Sachin Mehta claimed, “Our second experiment of the series took place privately at our Conval warehouse. Malt master Brain kinsman invited 20 whiskey experts from around the world to select any expression of their choosing from the thousands of stacked casks. The final 20 chosen mats, matured in everything from port pipes to virgin bourbon barrels, have created an unusual, innovative and unexpected whiskey.”