Angan, a popular sweet shop and restaurant is known for the quality of their sweets. With lip smacking sweets to irresistible food, it has built up quite a reputation. Angan has been in operation for the past 24 years selling sweets and snacks. Back in the day, Angan was just another traditional Indian restaurant that was selling sweets, chat and fast food. Over the years, they’ve raised their standards and have even expanded their business to include bakery items like bread, buns, cakes, etc.

Opened way back in 1992, Angan today reaches out to customers from their many outlets spread around the city, providing 100% vegetarian food. With a clean, wonderful ambiance and quality food, their customers visit frequently and enjoy delicious food and sweets. Angan has outlets in New Road, Lazimpat, Tripureshwar,

Gyaneshwar and more.

Focused on Indian food, they serve South Indian to North Indian favorites besides Indian sweets. Their menu also includes alu paratha with chola, naan, paneer naan, roti, dosa and lots of other options to choose from. Rasbari, laddu, rasmalai, boonia and barfi are some of the sweets that Angan is famous for.

With excellent services and quality food products they have been doing very well, satisfying customers, and naturally their business is expanding. When it comes to Indian food and sweets, for many people, Angan is the first option. Their expansive menu and the efficiency of their services play a part in their success that has put them among the top places to go for Indian Food.

Bota- Simply Momos

Bota is a popular chain restaurant that is intensely focused on momos of all varieties including some items that take people by surprise such as their khuwa momos. First opened in Kumaripati on 21st May 2016, Bota now has outlets in many areas such as Kamal Pokhari, Anamnagar, Boudha, Maharajgung (Ring Road), Freak Street, Kausaltar, Kalimati, and more. What they sell is mostly momos, which are popular with their customers. Bota’s interior is largely green, symbolizing a leaf bowl as they serve dishes in a leaf bowl, which is also environmentally friendly.

Apart from momos, other dishes in their vast menu are: burgers, rolls, fried rice, noodles, Newari dishes and Khaja sets. Bota draws customers due to its large variety of momos and different types of achars (Spicy sauce). Khuwa momo, Sadeko momo, Choila momo, fried momo, Krunchy momo, paneer momo, Thukpa momo, are some of the choices they offer. During winter, Jhol momos sell like hot cakes while Sadeko momos are a hit during summer. Their main items are Veg, Buff and Chicken momos which attract a lot of customers. The outlet opens at 11:00 AM and closes at 9 PM. Bota is a great place for a quick bite as their kitchen is constantly churning out the dishes with great efficiency.

Burger House and Crunchy Fried Chicken

Burger House and Crunchy Fried Chicken is a long name that draws your attention. They’ve been serving delicious burgers and crunchy chicken since 12th April 2016 from Sankhamul, but they’ve now grown into six outlets spread around the city. Their branches are in Sohrakhutte, New Baneswor, Pepsi Cola (Bhaktapur), Jhamsikhel, New Road, Thamel, Basundhara and other areas. Primarily focusing on high school and college students, they sell affordable burgers starting from Rs.100.

Burger House and Crunchy Fried Chicken also specialize in chicken delicacies. Their interior is well designed with comfortable seating, attracting a wide range of customers from students to working people. Their signature burger is ‘Grilled Chicken Burger’ which is quite popular among college students. Burger House and Crunchy Fried Chicken also sell a host of other dishes such as momos, chowmein, spring rolls, biryani, pizza, and more. But try their delicious burger from your nearest outlet and see for yourself what they have to offer.

With several outlets spread around the city, you’ll probably find one that is conveniently close to where you are. Burgers and fried chicken at affordable prices sounds attractive. Burger House and Crunchy Fried Chicken opens at 8:00 AM and their closing time is 9:00 PM. They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Dalle was established in December 2011 and began by serving only two menus for a start: momos and rice curry. But there seemed to be a demand for more items and they decided to upgrade the menu, keeping it simple with commonly available favorites like chowmein, fried rice, etc. Dalle has now grown with over 7 outlets spread around the valley, including Thamel, Kamaladi, Labim Mall, Golfutar, Jawalakhel, World Trade Center and New Road. With their two franchises at Khichapokhari and Butwal, they are spreading their wings further out serving their delicacies to a wider range of customers. They plan to open more outlets in the valley, but Dalle has also taken steps to open one in Pokhara which if all goes as planned should be open in a few months.

This popular eatery is known mainly for their tasty momos, and this item is naturally consumed the most. Their signature dish Dalle Bowl, consists of minced meat, beans, sauces like soya sauce, black bean sauce, and a choice of either rice or noodle. This bowl was created basically to cater to the office going crowd, and single diners, best suited for someone in a hurry, as the ‘Dalle Bowl’ can be served in 5 minutes. Another signature dish is their Choila fried rice, and also curley fries. Dalle takes pride in being one of the first restaurants to introduce curly fries in the market. This is a family oriented business which is apparent from their kids friendly services, going to the extent of providing a kid’s menu. They also strive to create an ambiance comfortable for all diners. Families, teenagers, office goers, groups of friends are their main focus groups for now. They train their staff to maintain quality control checks and to ascertain the consistency in the taste of their food at all outlets. Dalle opens from 11:00 AM and closes at 9:30 PM.