Established in 1911 as a bike company, Benelli came to Nepal for the first time, three years back, in 2015. The first model introduced in the Nepali market was the Benelli TNT 300, which got an overwhelming response. All units of the first lot were sold out even before they arrived here! The company later introduced a number of models that are equally loved by bikers. It has been a three-year-long journey for Benelli, and they are already established as a go-to bike company for every individual looking forward to buying a magnificent bike. Not just motorbikes, but Benelli also has its own bicycles to offer. With hydraulic brakes and other amazing features, they stand out from other normal cycles.
A classic bike with trustworthy engine would be pretty much expensive, everyone thinks, but Benelli has recently introduced a new model, Benelli TNT 135, a small motorbike, yet with a powerful engine.

About Benelli TNT 135

For a bike as small as the TNT 135, we don’t expect freeway speed, but surprisingly, it has 10 cc more displacement than its competitors, four-valve head for more breathing, and significantly more power. More power requires good handling, and TNT 135 has it; it is light and does not put out wheel-spinning horsepower. You can lean the TNT 135 as far as you like. Slowing down is important when talking power and speed, and even though the TNT 135 does not have huge disc brakes, the front brake is strong. The bike gives excellent comfortand you can ride it for hours. The model is fun for experienced riders as much as it is for beginners. Also, if you get stuck in busy traffic, you can squeeze in almost anywhere. With all of this maneuverability, the TNT still has plenty of power to pull away from cars when the light turns green.