Introduced in 2015, the Honda CB Hornet 160R, a naked-style motorcycle has been a popular choice in the two-wheeler market of Nepal. Honda did not have much success with the previously developed Trigger and Dazzler which were upgrades of the Honda Unicorn, the choice of many due to its riding compatibility and mileage. The Hornet 160R is quite influenced in appearance by the Hornet 600 previously introduced by Honda. It has a revised engine of the Unicorn with an upgraded carburetor along with an additional catalytic converter and also has wider tires. Due to the popularity of the first version of the Hornet in 2015, the company has introduced the second version after resolving minor issues that were noticed before along with the new "Special-edition" graphics.

The Honda Hornet has a 160 cc BS-IV power, fully compliant engine which exerts 11.22 KW @ 8500 rpm with a torque of 14.76 @ 6500 rpm. It has an air-cooled, 4 stroke SI engine. The 5 speed manual gear has both kick-start and self-start. The company claims the hornet has a top-speed of 110 kmph. It is equipped with a fuel tank of 12 liters and a ground clearance of 164mm. The Hornet has a front tire of 110 and a rear tire of 140 along with alloy wheels.  The bike has a disc brake in the front and drum brakes in the rear which is a drawback but works quite well for casual city rides. The hornet on paper seems like an upgraded version of the Unicorn with overall changes, but on riding the bike, one’s impression changes quickly. The foot-pegs work like a rear-set for a comfortable and sporty riding stance. Also, the lower and widened handlebar makes it easier for handling and easy maneuvering. Due to the changes in the body of the vehicle, the turning radius might seem lesser than in the other series like the Unicorn. The power delivery of the hornet is similar to other 150-160cc series motorcycles but the fun begins after 6000 rpm; the power is on-point. The hornet is not just a city motorcycle for it performs comfortably in off-road rides making it a practical option for daily use. The suspension is firm and suitable for city riding as well as a bit of off-road travelling. Adding to it, the pillion seat is wide and comfortable. Furthermore, the muscular body of the bike with the X tail lights in addition to the "special edition" graphics and L.E.D. headlights gives the Hornet an appealing look. Also, the instrument panel inspired by the hornet 600 has an appealing rpm meter and is equipped with all the required indicators such as the fuel indicator clock and odometer.

With a price tag of Rs. 300,000, the Hornet is already popular all over Nepal due to its distinct features that are suitable for Nepali roads. Due to the tremendous growth in the motorcycle market here in Nepal, the existent companies are launching new motorcycles focused on young riders. The Hornet can be a popular choice for riders of all ages due to its comfort in riding, easy handling, balanced power, and also the potentiality to ride hard with the wide tires enjoying the power of 6000rpm. The hornet is competitive in its class pitted against motorcycles such as the Yamaha FZ-s, Suzuki Gixxer, and Honda's own X-blade. The upgraded graphics with special edition markings are also highly appealing for young riders who wish to add graphics on the stock motorcycle. The upgraded Hornet comes in a range of colors: Royal blue, Red, Gold, Matte-grey, and Matte-orange. Syakar Trading is the official importer of Honda automobiles and motorcycles in Nepal.