As the name says, ‘Kid’s Joy’, the store is a one-stop destination for everything that you might require for your kids and which might provide joy to your kids. Located at Dallu, Jhagat Laxmi Bhawan, Kid’s Joy aims to cater the kids’ market with a quality service and has currently started off with the electronic Rideable cars and bikes. Riding on electric cars is every child’s dream. These are one of the best gifts we can give to a child, though it might cost us a bit more. No doubt, these electric cars amaze them as they would feel like they are hopping on real cars, but most importantly, it would also help to develop the child’s cognitive and psycho-motor skills while enhancing their self-esteem too.

Sabita Prajapati, the managing director of the store, is a fashion designer professionally, and has plans to tap the child market with the electronic cars which will be further complimented by the designer kids’ wear and every other item related to kids from early age to late fifteen under a single roof. In today’s day, people are still waiting for at least eighteen years for their children to ride a bike. But, when the option of electronic cars and bikes is available, it can act as a demo for them teaching them many different aspects of a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler.

Kid’s Joy has the electronic bikes ranging from NRs. 8500 to NRs. 20000 and the cars which ranges from NRs. 18000 to NRs. 50000. The store deals with a wide range of options in both bikes and cars and deals in volume due to which the car which is being sold with an MRP. of Rs. 22000 is being sold at a reduced cost. It’s not that there are no stores in Nepal that deals with such electronics bikes and cars. But the problem is they don’t have the option with them. The options which they have is usually outdated. Next, they usually don’t have enough space and there is no store bigger than 200 sq. ft lately. However, Kid’s Joy has got about 7-10 designs in all ranges with the store size which is about 4 times bigger when compared to other stores in town which provides that opportunity to check on hand.

When asked about the affordability among the Nepalese customers, Anup Agrawal, says, “I feel Nepalese are the people with highest purchasing power. One of the staffs at my store who works with a salary of NRs. 5000 is ready to buy the electronic car worth NRs. 50000 if I offer it at NRs. 30000. This shows the purchasing power of Nepalese people. Here, people don’t buy the electronic cars due to two basic reasons. One, they can’t afford and next they don’t have enough option. However, now at our store we are offering options that too at affordable price.”

The cars here at Kid’s Joy run with the speed of 10-15 km/hr providing the kids with the real time experiencing of riding a real vehicle.If your little love loves cars, and if you know that ‘Life is a highway’, then Kid’s Joyis your ultimate destination. These miniature versions of real cars available in multiple colors and various accessories, such as LED indicators, music output, push start button, USB connection, headlights, rear lights, openable doors, etc are powered by rechargeable batteries, offering your toddler can sit on it comfortably and then go for a ride like a grown up.