Mahesh Kumar


A car has become an essential part of one’s life. You don’t just buy it to get from point A to point B. Your car becomes more than just a regular feature in everyday life. We humans have a tendency to get emotionally attached to anything that becomes personal, even objects. And for most people, one of the closest attachments is to their vehicles. As General Manager of Toyota Nepal, Mahesh Kumar has interesting views about his car and car brands in general. He shares his personal feelings about his car with. His elaborate responses are interesting and insightful:

  • What car do you drive?

Currently I drive a Toyota Etios sedan.

  • Why did you decide on this particular car?

I like this car because firstly it is a Sedan and that is good for getting around in the city of Kathmandu. I also chose this car because firstly I need a comfortable vehicle and due to the dust and unpredictable weather, having a sedan helps me get from one place to another while avoiding as much traffic as I can. If I had an SUV, it would have been much harder to get around traffic as some of the roads in the city are not suited for big cars.

  • What features do you like about your car?

Comfort!! I am a man who likes comfort. It is the most important aspect for me and my Etios provides great seating and legroom. The front view is perfect and exactly how I like it, which is another feature I love about this car, and I love the aerodynamic design of the car. My car gives a mileage of 23.59 kmpl, but I am more interested in the design and the interior comfort of this car.

  • What is your dream car?

Being a Toyota man my dream cars are the Lexus RC F Sport and Lexus GS F Sport. Their looks are the main reason why it is my dream car. Lexus is the luxury vehicle department of Toyota, which is a brand that is renowned for its durability and reliability. We are unfortunate to not see many Lexuses in the streets of Kathmandu, but we hope this will change soon.

  • What are your favorite car brands and why?

Toyota, Ford, Mercedes and Audi. I like the stylish looks of these brands as they are unique and very different from each other.

  • Do you take special care of your car, if so what are they?

Of course I take special care of my car. I make sure I take my car personally to the service stations to get it regularly checked so that it is hassle free and my car is always in good shape. I make sure that my car is cleaned regularly and every Saturday I do the cleaning myself.

Bibhushan Sharma

Today, cars are seen as an extension of one’s personality. With its growing popularity and the need for a vehicle in order to travel around the city in comfort, Kathmandu is overflowing with vehicles. But cars have become essential for a decent life in the city. Here are some insights into what car owners feel about their relations with their vehicles.

Bibhushan Sharma, co-founder of the Turkish ice-cream brand Twisting Scoops in Nepal, is a young entrepreneur with aspirations and goals he has set out to fulfill. Bibhushan is also a car lover and has an emotional attachment with his cars.

What are the cars you have owned previously and now?

When I was a child my dad used to own a Maruti 800. I still remember; I used to sit on my dad’s lap and he used to let me handle the steering wheel while maneuvering the car along the road. From a young age, I was very excited about cars and right after I turned 18, I took a driving test and got my license and the first car that I drove was a Hyundai Santro. That car I must say is a beast. I now have two cars; one is a Maruti Suzuki Breeza and the other, a Maruti Suzuki Ritz.

Which has been your favorite till date?

For me, my first car Santro will always remain the best because that was my first car. I have driven cars like Prado land Cruiser, it is undoubtedly the car with one of the best experiences but when you drive that huge Jeep in a city like Kathmandu where there is huge parking problem, it does not become a luxury but a headache instead. I enjoy driving the car myself so the best car for me is my very own RITZ which I also call a “TRUCK” because this car has gone places where I never thought it would go and have seen all kinds of terrain. The best part of owning a small car is you never know which road in Kathmandu gets blocked because of constructions or congestion.

Some precious moments with your car.

The time I pushed my car to the limit. I took this car to the top of Phulchowki dandha without knowing that the way up was really rocky with rocks banging into your car. That moment was very stressful but is still very fresh in my mind and will always remain there. That’s also the reason why I call this car a “TRUCK”.

What’s your dream car?

My dream car changes from time to time but one car I always wanted and if everything works out will one day own is a Mercedes G-Wagon 4X4 squared. However, being realistic and looking at the Kathmandu road conditions, my realistic dream car is a Range Rover EVOQUE. I simply love the design of this car.

Must haves in your car.

Bill Book, picture of a god, car freshener, waterbottle and AUX CABLE.

Your favorite drive away place.

If we talk about places near Kathmandu valley, it will be Planchowk Bhagwati. I simply enjoy the road there. But for a long drive, I love to go to Palpa via Syangya. That road is simply amazing.


Grishma Lal Shrestha

Managing Director of 24 Karats, Grishma Lal Shrestha is a car enthusiast and is very knowledgeable when it comes to talking about cars. Because of his vast knowledge about cars, he is also known as a ‘Walking talking encyclopedia’ when it comes to classic cars.

What are the cars you have owned previously and now?

Our families have always been into cars and my father highly influenced me. We have always favored Mitsubishi from Pajeros to Lancer and ASX. At the moment, we have the 1982 Mercedes 280se W126 and a Pajero. While in the US, I owned a Toyota Camry and a Mercedes ML 350. I’ve had a chance to own a BMW 325i and 1958 Mercedes Ponton as well.

Which has been your favorite till date?

My favorite has to be our Mercedes 280se. It’s just pure joy to drive, even with age; it just glides on the road.

Some precious moments with your car.

I have lots of memories with cars. My special memory would be taking our family trip to the farm in Sunsari. The family time on the highway, the rough terrain in the farm and the best part was driving my jeep across rivers. I always cherish such moments which bring me, my car and my family together.

Which is your dream car?

My dream car would be a 1961Jaguar E type. I feel it’s a work of art.

Must haves in your car.

I don’t have any must haves, but having a hanging scent would be nice.

Something you feel you must add on in your car to make it special.

Special bond with the car is taking good care of your car, taking it for regular washes, vacuuming and timely maintenance.

Your favorite drive away place.

My favorite drive away place would be from Hetauda to Sunsari. The highways are just a joy to drive on.