Kathmandu is full of fancy bikes and here’s one of the best luxury bikes in town. The BMW G310 GS is a relatively new model in the market. Of course, having a luxury brand like BMW is a great milestone for the Nepali market. BMW Nepal has two models in store for their customers. Out of them, we had the opportunity to test drive the G310GS. Our first reaction after the test drive was that of amazement because of how smooth the ride was. The bike comes with a 313cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC single-cylinder engine that pumps out 34 horsepower and 20.7 ft-lbs of torque. That is actually a very good number for a small engine.

The unique performance of the bike comes from an efficient EFI system and a cylinder head that is tuned around backwards to allow cool air to enter and exit the engine in a more streamlined fashion. Soon as you get on the bike, you feel power and style that the bike exudes. The pick-up is extremely good and much better than most of the bikes that are available in Nepal at the moment. One good aspect of the bike is that, when starting it with auto-start, one does not need to rev it up. Just press the auto-start button and the bike starts immediately.

Another advanced technology that BMW has added in their new models is the Anti-lock braking system (ABS). This is a safety anti-skid braking system. ABS is an automated system that uses the principles of threshold braking and cadence braking, which are techniques that were once practiced by skillful drivers before ABS was in widespread use. This system is perfect for a country like Nepal because we have a monsoon season. The ABS on the BMW G310GS gives you a smooth ride in the valley as well as off-roads.

The ABS came in handy since it was raining during the test drive. Even in these rainy conditions, we were really impressed with how well the Metzeler Tourance tires hooked up in a variety of conditions that one encounters on the roads of Kathmandu. Some of the conditions that were tested were wet dirt, muddy roads, and unpaved roads. Through all these conditions, the bike didn’t slip or skid, which showed the kind of balance the bike provides.

Similarly, both the front and rear brakes performed extremely well. Even the handling was perfect as we did not experience any discomfort while maneuvering through the traffic in the Kathmandu valley. The bar, levers and seat positions are perfect for the rider. The bike is a bit tall in height, thus some riders may find that uncomfortable. However with our rider, who is 5 foot-9, there were no issues. The best part about the handling was that the bike leaned into the corners with absolute ease. That goes for both paved roads as well as dirt roads.

In conclusion, the BMW G310GS is an excellent bike for its intended purpose. It is a pleasure to ride on tighter roads full of turns; it performs well on light off-roads as well. Riding the bike around the valley in both rain and sunshine and on the streets as well as off roads proved its versatility and gave us tremendous insight into its capability. Currently BMW has two models in store for their customers. They are the G310GS and G310R, some of the best luxury bikes available in Nepal.