If you’re an avid reader, chances are that you’ve always wanted a personal library. The euphoric and almost enchanting feeling of being surrounded by books almost never wears off, but even the slightest thought of having a similar room at home is out of this world. However, it’s actually not so difficult to setup, provided you can afford it. Let’s take this step by step.

Find yourself the most practical room

In reality, the most difficult part of setting up a library is finding an appropriate room for it. Reading in a room with large windows and natural light pouring in is all one could ask for. But sunlight is actually bad for books! Tiny and humid rooms are also not ideal, as they attract insects that might eat away at your books. Other than that, any room will do just fine.

Short on space but want a library? No worries! Even an empty wall in your house will do! Just push some bookshelves toward the empty wall and fit in shelves, and voila! You’ve got yourself a mini library.

Finding the books to fill the space

One reason why readers don’t jump at the thought of setting up their own library is because of the limited amount of books they own and actually like. One might ask, ‘If you own just ten books what’s the use of starting a library?’ But it’s okay to start off with just a few books. Maybe you can buy a small shelf at first and then accordingly add books and more shelves as your library grows steadily.

A clever way to collect a large number of books economically is, to buy used books. Usually bookstores tend to sell old/secondhand books at half the price. More often than not, these books are in good condition and may just be discolored. But at half the price, what a bargain! Sometimes libraries have sales too, as AWON Library often does. So keep an eye out for bargain sales!

Furnishing the room

You got the room and the books, so now it’s time to decorate! Get a comfy sofa or chair and place it in or close to your library, so that you can read in comfort and style. Have warm lighting so you can have a cozy atmosphere without having to squint at the words as you try desperately to read in bad lighting. Maybe you can hang up some framed quotes from your favorite books or writers that make you smile.