“I’m a casual guy who loves to be in casuals most of the time.” Saruk Tamrakar.

It’s been two years since Saruk Tamrakar entered the Nepali film industry and the biggest change he has undergone is with regards to fashion and the rules associated with it. Entering the film industry by directing short films and then making short ads, Saruk is today a well-known personality due to his hard work and dedication in whatever he undertakes. Till date, he has worked in three movies, ‘Rani’, ‘Meri Mamu’ and ‘Intu Mintu London Ma’ and has showcased his versatility when it comes to fitting into every kind of role.

Saruk feels that he’s not the same person he was two years ago. What mattered to him the most before entering the industry was to look and behave like a gentleman. However, now he feels that all that matters is your intellect, to understand things well. He says, “When I am shooting, I’m still very concerned about my looks right from grooming to being well-set with everything, but that comes with the job. The rest of the time, it’s all about enjoying your moment and not being too hard on yourself. For instance, if someone’s a writer or a poet, he/she is not required to be a dapper while working. It’s the society that has a set mentality about such things. You are the way you are, and no one has the right to point a finger at you about how you look or dress.”

He believes that the outfit one wears just adds value to a dapper person’s personality. But that the core is always about your thoughts and the way you take things. He has always believed that simple living is the real fashion that defines you and thus when asked about his go-to-style choices for different events he says, “I’m a casual guy who loves to be in casuals most of the time. You’ll most often find me in jeans, a pair of comfortable sneakers, mostly t-shirts and a jacket if I wish to add on a layer to the outfit.” His way of wearing formals on the other hand, is very chic and elegant and he prefers decent colors that are mostly dark, where the colors don’t pop out much and the design is minimalistic. He loves playing with dark and neutral colors with formals and whenever you see him in formals it’ll mostly be black and white, blues, grey or other similar colors.

When it comes to adding variety to his wardrobe, he’s the kind of person who could do varieties with limited stuff in his closet. For him the top five essentials are a white shirt, a good perfume, nice glasses, a good watch and a pair of decent shoes. However, he seems very casual when mentioning all these facts about himself as he really doesn’t think they are necessary. For him, it is all about preferences, and he doesn’t believe in ‘must-haves’ for anyone.

Everyone gets inspiration from someone when it comes to deciding on your fashion choices and even Sarukh gets inspiration to some extent from Jason Momoa and Johnny Depp. He says, “Jason Momoa’s not a very classy and groomed guy but a very rough and tough man who can easily carry any wardrobe. He can wear a full grunge pair of jeans with boots and look amazing. I feel that’s being dapper in the real sense where your personality plays a bigger part than your outfit. Also, the hipsters you see nowadays are really cool.”

For him, breaking the stereotypes of fashion has always been his thing and thus when talking about the trending floral prints, he has a very positive view. He mentions that with florals, there’s a kind of equality for both men and women and those who can pull it off well, it suits them the best. When asked about what he feels women might find irresistible in men he says, “No matter how good-looking you are, it’s actually your intellect that counts. If you start talking about useless things that make no sense, women won’t be attracted. I feel the same is true from the male’s perspective as well. If a girl is beautiful but has a weaker intellect, it’s a goodbye from my side. ” (laughs).

“Be minimal and stay in vogue. To all the younger peeps, stop spending so much on your wardrobe because no matter how much variety you have, if you are a ‘zero’ with IQ, all your effort is in vain. A pair of jeans requires 200 liters of water. Just imagine how many liters you spend on every pair you purchase. Get to know yourself more and in fact spend your money on travelling, I’d say.” he concludes.