Prashant Tamrakar has been a driving force in the fashion industry of Nepal for more than two decades. Besides being a model, actor and choreographer, he is also an entrepreneur. Prashant is today best known for his villainous character in the recently released movie, ‘Aishwarya’. He came into the limelight as a model and earned fame through the Nepali fashion industry. 

Prashant was born and raised in Kathmandu in a typical Nepali family. He spent his high school years as a commerce student and even assisted his father as an accountant. This multi - talented model and actor has one more credit to his name, that of being a national sports player of Nepal. He has been an active player in various sports like squash, softball, handball, soft tennis, volleyball and basketball. However, his defining career in the fashion scene began in the 1990s when his father encouraged him to go into modeling, a mysterious field for him and the country. 

Tamrakar got an opportunity to be a part of an Indian Zee TV show, ‘Model Match’ where he won the title of Model of the week. His career as a fashion choreographer took off while training as a model with a Norwegian choreographer and in 1995, he participated in Man Hunt International in Singapore, becoming the first male model to ever represent Nepal in an international platform.
After a few years in the industry as a renowned model and fashion choreographer, Prashant began to envision a Nepali fashion system that worked independently with originality. For him, learning was the key and along with it, came the driving passion to pave a path for up and coming fashion enthusiasts. His own early career was fraught with hardships and ‘heart-ache’ as he lacked any formal training and had to learn the trade through trial and error. It can be said that he literally jumped into the vast ocean of fashion industry, without knowing where the shore is. In an effort to impart his knowledge and experience to future professionals, he started his own event management company, now known as Big Bell Edutainment, ultimately bringing a better platform, sources of income and working conditions for models.

“I have never looked back in my life and kept moving forward even when I had no idea what awaited me. It took me twenty- five years of hard work, patience, creations and dedication to reach this point of time but the fact that makes me immensely happy and proud is that the path I paved is making it easy for other creative artists to come to this horizon and even go further in a much shorter period of time,” Prashant exclaims. His quest for new sources of inspiration were never ending and most of it came from our culture, architecture, rituals, society and the overall distinct Nepali lifestyle. From making stages, backdrops, setting speakers, to carrying out choreography, grooming models with body postures, expressions and walk, doing makeup and designing clothes. The appreciation and love from the audiences is what encouraged him to keep advancing. 

Living by the motto, ‘Try and try again, at last you will succeed’, Prashant Tamrakar succeeded becoming the epitome of Nepali fashion after a profusion of learning and discovering the unknown. He reminisces how he often sees his own reflection in today’s fashion and modeling industry. 

When not working, Prashant occupies his time with his family and friends. Balancing his professional life and personal life seems very important in his life so this busybody loves going on one day hikes to places like Nagarkot or going to temples on religious occasions with his family for solace and positive healing. For him, life is not only about fun and entertainment but also the responsibilities whether it is at work or when he is with the people truly close to his heart. Fitness and health obviously plays an important role in his life. His go big or go home attitude shapes up his lifestyle so he follows a balanced diet and an hour of workout, not just for weight loss, rather for building up his stamina and energy level. 

Prashant made his debut as an antagonist in the movie, ‘Aishwarya’, a character completely in contrast to his personal traits. He explains, “Yes, acting was quite challenging but I love taking up challenges. Each and every profession I have taken up till now has been equally rewarding for me as every little ambitious steps of my life defines the person I have become today. My tag line as a model, fashion choreographer, event manager and actor comes from the respect and love I gain from my audience and I indeed feel honored to be involved in such a platform to polish my skills in yet another profession, not as a hero or a star, but simply as an artist who loves working in the media industry.” His new movie, “Jay Shambho” is going to be released on 17th August this year, soon to be followed by many others, namely Captain, Ranveer, Cosmic Love, and Mayank. 

Tamrakar hopes the young people today will choose a field of work that will bring out the best in them, get educated accordingly and keep protecting and nurturing their profession. And for those interested in the fashion industry, he says that the modeling world is constantly evolving and even more so in recent years with the development of technology and media. Today, there is an enormous market and many agencies for models of all ages, shapes and sizes, so there has never been a better time to start working towards living your dream.