Umang Agarwal is the Managing Director of Millenia Global and Director of MS Group, one of the largest business conglomerates in Nepal. The group owns Reliance Spinning Mills, the largest textile factory in the country, several sugar factories, Sunrise Developers (real estate), steel factories, research & consultancy and other related companies. Every move Agarwal makes, he does with great passion and determination. The Group is also active in the hospitality sector, opening two new hotels, Fairfield by Marriott and Marriott Kathmandu which are up and running. The conglomerate provides employment to more than 8,000 people in Nepal.
Umang is also the President of the Nepal- Peru Chamber of Commerce and Industry, he’s a member of the CNI-YEF and has served in the US Embassy Youth Council from 2017-18. He feels that being associated with all these platforms has helped him meet people and learn from them.
After completing his studies from St. George’s College, Mussoorie, he majored in Economics from the University of Manchester and did his Masters in Management from Imperial College London. Umang then came back and initiated Millenia Global which has today partnered with more than 16 global conglomerates for the Nepali market.
The young businessman feels that fashion is all about being comfortable in what you wear. He says, “I keep up with the latest trends but I always make sure that I am comfortable in whatever I wear. I feel that confidence in how you carry yourself is a reflection of how you feel.”
“My personal style has always been modish. I keep up with trends through the internet. I believe that I am always polished and at-ease at the same time.The only thing I dislike is shabbiness whether it’s me or others. I like being prim and proper, with nicely ironed clothes and no scruffy hair,” he adds. Umang revealed that the men in his family have influenced the way he dresses as he has always seen them look dapper without trying too hard. For meetings, he’s always preferred shirts with light colors i.e., white, baby pink and other pastel colors. For day-time meetings, he always chooses to go with a light grey or beige blazer. He changes into a different blazer to restyle his look accordingly, for a dinner party or an event after work. He prefers a solid dark colored blazer or a blazer with a print on it and he owns a check blazer which happens to be his favorite. Brown shoes are what he likes to wear mostly.
Although he makes sure that something in his entire look stands out, he says, “I always like to add a pop of color in my look. I own only bright colored, printed socks and have a collection of pocket squares- all bright I might add. These two items make my look and style complete.” Umang is also a firm believer of less is more. He is conscious about what he is buying and wearing. He prefers to shop only when there is a need and does try not to buy synesthetic clothes.
His take on the top five essentials that every man should have in his wardrobe include a well-fitted pair of jeans, a white shirt, a V-neck t-shirt, a really nice smelling perfume and a pair of black shoes. He is partial towards his fitness regime more than towards his grooming regime. He believes if you eat well, drink enough water and exercise six times a week, your skin stays healthy and you look fit and fresh. Apart from that, investing in a good moisturiser and a hair cream is all that it takes.
Talking about fashion, he is inspired by David Gandy who is a British model. He says, “David Gandy has got an amazing body structure and a great personal style. I have been following his work for the longest time. Only so many men can pull off a double denim look: tight jeans, denim shirt, a belt and brown shoes. I take such inspiration from him for how I style myself.”
Umang’s pride is his late grandfather’s watch. His grandfather had given it to him when he had just started working and it carries a lot of importance in his life. He also talks about how his favourite color to wear is white. It flatters his figure and pairs well with anything.
“Don’t try hard to look like someone else or something you saw on the internet. Taking inspiration from others is a good thing but being true to yourself will take you a long way. Be trendy but don’t forget you have your personal style and don’t lose that in the process of wanting to be what makes you look cool at the moment. Be comfortable; be you,” he advises.