Mahesh Maharjan

Doing what you love best generally brings good results and satisfaction if you’ve put in a lot of effort. Mahesh Maharjan, the 33-year-old body building champion, brought home Nepal’s first gold medal in the 75 Kg category body building championship from Thimpu, Bhutan where the competition was held. It was the culmination of Maharjan’s nineteen years of dedication and hard work.

As fate would have it, Maharjan lived right next to a fitness club which led him to get involved in fitness and before long he was into body building. Growing up with a father and brother who were also body builders inspired him immensely. The complications that he had to go through to gain weight and the constant teasing from his friends about his slight build when he was a kid, would actually motivate him towards greatness.

The hard work and dedicated diet finally propelled him towards the Championship. "Every body builder needs to have some aggression inside him and quitting or skipping training should not be in their ‘To Do List’. Body building is a daily life process," says Maharjan. “A body builder works out with incredible intensity and needs an extra large diet and supplements to save him from the side effects.”

Right through his twenty-one years as a body builder, Maharjan maintained strict discipline in his diet and training, and it wasn’t easy for him. Contrary to the misconception people have about body builders ending up with back and joint pain and loose muscles, he proved them all wrong and has today become the pride of Nepal. He did his country proud and has opened the door for others to follow in his footsteps. After his amazing victory which came as a complete surprise to him, his response was, "I went blank for a while. Although I was proud of myself, it was my family, organization and club that I thought about at that moment." Humility at a time of joyous victory is a sign of greatness and Mahesh Maharjan has definitely proved that.