Popularly known as Piroo from her early childhood, PritiRana has been singing at different school functions besides singing at home. With her distinct voice she has quite a fan following and has become very popular. The female part in one of the well-known Nephop songs SatayeraFakauneBani by GXsoul was sung by Piroo, but most of us are not aware of it as she recorded the song when she was in London. So even though the song became a great hit, she hasn’t got recognition as yet.

Doing cover songs on Youtube and entertaining her followers on instagram with her one minute cover videos, Piroo has now produced her own single called ‘Lukamari’ with 11k views and still counting. She is gaining more fans and popularity at the same time. With a very techno beat, Piroo’sLukamari has people grooving to the beat and sharing it with their friends.

The singer/songwriter is very passionate about her music and constantly working to make more music for her fans. With total honesty and hard work Piroo is making a name for herself in the Nepali music industry.  With her very first song ‘Satayera’ her voice was liked by people, then came her first single ‘shabda’ which was also appreciated by her fans and with 20k views it is quite evident that her voice is something special. Piroo dropped her single ‘Lukamari’ which took everyone by surprise and now is being appreciated by a lot of people.

"The whole world judges you by your physical presence. That is why it is so hard for people to actually be themselves and live freely," says Piroo, "However, there are some brave individuals who stand up for themselves and live their desired life the way they want to live. I am one of them."

Rana is a rebel, bringing change to our society as a butch lesbian. People are intimidated by women like her. She thinks having short hair and appearing or behaving somewhat masculine is already breaking the norm of our society on how women should behave and present themselves.

She only recently came out on social media although she had realized that she was not straight when only about ten years old. It was empowering for her, she says, as well as for people like her because it gives them courage to accept themselves as they are.

Looking back on how she never got attracted to boys freaked her out; she thought that there was something wrong with her. As she got older, she started researching on the topic and found that what she was feeling was completely natural and that there are other people out there who are just like her.

"It was tough in the beginning," she adds, "but I slowly accepted myself for who I am." The space that influencers like her are creating for people is incredibly inspiring. Our rapidly changing society needs people like her to help us celebrate each other.