Lord of the Drinks 

Lord of the Drinks or LOD is the most happening club in Kathmandu at the moment. The music is good, the food fabulous, the drinks amazing and most importantly the ambience and the feel good factor is just off the roof ! Located in Thamel, this club is of international standards with superb lighting, excellent music system and service. The large dance floor invites you to bust your awkward moves and just have a great time with your friends. Lord of the Drinks is not only a club but is available for private parties and has hosted some very good international and local artists and DJ’s. 1974 AD recently had their comeback reunion concert held there. LOD is one of the premier destinations for club-goers and people who just want to have a good time with friends. 

Prive Nepal

A popular night club, Prive Nepal is making headlines with their spectacular shows bringing international artistes from around the world. A simple yet appealing design attracts high profile clients from various walks of life. Prive Nepal will ensure you have a good time. Serving exotic, top class drinks, they have a way of keeping the customer satisfied. The dance floor is big enough for everyone to pile on and do their stuff. The sound system is booming (in a good way), and the service and ambience is top notch. Prive Nepal is a relatively new addition to the growing number of clubs and is located behind Soaltee Crown Plaza’s famous Megha Malhar Banquet Hall. It’s excellent location and reputation is attracting events like celebrations, album launches and all kinds of parties. Prive Nepal is an international standard night club that is likely to lure regulars every Friday!!