Men’s Spring 2018 Footwear Drifts with Dulla

From a below average student and a zealous basketball player to a self-reliant footwear designer, Ahmed Dulla is offering a wide range of most sought-after collections of footwear through his individually suited brand “Dulla Shoes”.

Living tucks in to a chat with the dynamic designer about the footwear trends for men in Spring 2018 and the tips to make the best out of them.

By Esparsh Sarawagi

What inspired you to start your own shoe-company, what was the concept and how did it come about?

I have always loved shoes. One example would be whenever I go for shoe shopping and if I happen to like two to three colors of the same design I buy them all because at night when I go for sleep, I start asking myself why didn't I buy the other color and that disturbs me a lot. So, I often buy all the colors of a single design so that I can go to bed and sleep peacefully. Or even if I have to choose between two to three designs I take them all so that I could have that peaceful night.
After working for few factories, I began to get ideas about how other foreign brands work and how they do it. This experience gave me the courage to start something of my own and I also saw the big gap in the market in Nepal and it looked perfect for me to penetrate.

Share your experience as a shoe-designer so far.

I am absolutely loving it. I am still learning new things each day and I am constantly under pressure on how can I bring in new ideas and concepts to the market for each collection. I am often nervous when the collection is ready and if I can live up to the customers’ expectations. The hard work has always paid off and it will always pay off well if you work hard and hungry to learn more.

What are the latest trends in shoes that can be seen in Spring 2018?
The gent’s shoes will still be for oxfords and monk shoes. The ladies would be more of mid-size block heels and mules.

What colors print do you think will be trending in 2018?
Brown shades have always been my favorite one. So definitely brown in various tones.

How can one look cool in a pair of leather shoes?
With a pair of good Oxfords, Brogues or Monk Straps.

Can you mention some of the must have shoes in Spring 2018?
Oxfords, Derby and Monk shoes are some of the shoes which you’ll need at most of the times.

Which model would you say will be the most welcomed by shops & consumers this spring?
It will surely be Oxfords as they are being preferred by the customers.

What shoes will be best suited with jeans this season?
Oxfords with white soles can make the best with the jeans the coming year.

Sockless loafers were in trend in 2017. Do you think they will continue its charm in 2018?

Yes, they are still here to stay for more.

Tell us about your spring collection.
It will be big. I have some big plans. This will be the first time I would be doing few big changes than the previous collections and 

I am already under pressure to perform. Wish me luck buddy. Cheers.

How can one make best use of color combination with their shoes this spring?
Grey suit with brown and black shoes, black with black, indigo blue with black, tan brown and dark brown. All these make a good-combo.

Do you feel that customer made shoes will gain popularity in 2018?No they won't anytime soon. Due to high price and time constraints, they have been outdated.

What are your special designs which is different from others in 2018?
They will be a mixture of all the designs with various choices for all.