Nomad Black Glasses

Sleek and glamorous, these acetate sunglasses from Bishrom are created for stylish people who love to stand out in a crowd. Made from handmade acetate, these sunglasses have a stylish design that makes them look appealing. They sit snugly on your face and will go well with almost all the outfits in your wardrobe.

Rani Grey Sunglasses

“RANI” is perfect for fashionable people. This design features bold, beveled, richly hued acetate and is paired with dark, vibrant lenses to evoke poise and glamor for the wearer.

Orion Tortoise Sunglasses

“Orion”, inspired by one of the brightest constellations in the night sky, is very easy to spot from anywhere in the world. Inspired by the same, the ORION sunglasses are also very notable and can definitely make one look different from the rest.

Anoma Tortoise Sunglasses

Anoma is a river in Nepal where Prince Sidhartha cut off his hair sitting by the banks and abandoned his royal clothes and went forth to become Gautam Buddha.“Anoma” inspires us to be simple yet illuminating like Buddha. Thus the simple but elegant sunglasses are named after this historic river linked to the Buddha.

Kushma Black Sunglasses

Introducing “Kushma” which means being happy. It symbolizes how we focus so much on our differences. The name itself should help you avoid negativity and be happy, which indeed is just a state of mind. Let’s be happy, be comfortable in our own skin with these sunglasses which will definitely make you look brighter.