Stylish fashion blogger, Rhea Pradhan started as a model in the world of fashion in her early days while still in school. Now operating a blog and Instagram page known as “peppyowl” she shares her ideas with the world at large. With tihar around the corner, Pradhan talks to ………….about styling for the ‘festival of lights’.

Where did you go to school and how did you get into fashion? 
I studied in Darjeeling for a while and then after my 10th grade exam, I started getting into fashion. I used to look at fashion blogs and I thought to myself ‘why can’t I do it too’. That’s how my journey as a fashion blogger/stylish began. Currently, I run a blog and it has been seven years since I started blogging, freelancing and I am now on my fourth year of undergraduate studies at Kathmandu University.

What does Tihar mean to you?
Tihar is the festival of lights and the time when you spend time with your family, eat delicious food, play cards, just chill and relax and of course, Dakshina (laughs).

Speaking of festivals, what kind of fashion would you advise for Tihar?
I feel it is very confusing to dress during Dashain and Tihar since we share it with neighboring India. I think we are so influenced by Bollywood, that our style has also been influenced by it. You hardly see people wear Daura Suruwal or Saree these days, but I would suggest going simple and not think too much. Invest in cotton or khadi for men and chiffon for women. Also, currently bright colors are in, such as neon or pastel colors in terms of color and since people are vying for sustainable products, I would recommend investing in them as well.

What would you suggest for make up?
Since there will be lots of programs during Tihar, I would suggest wearing primer and make up sprays. Ghazal and red lipstick never go wrong. Experiment with nudes as well. For men if you have small dark spots and pimple marks, there are concealers that you can use to hide them as well as some compact powder for the guys.

Any suggestion on how to dress according to your skin and body type?
I think you can wear whatever you want. This is the age of inclusivity. There are no rules in fashion. It does not matter if you are black, brown, yellow, skinny or heavy, you can wear whatever you want. Having confidence is what matters. If people are confident about what they wear, so be it.

Universal advice you would give for Tihar?
Let’s not overdo it (laughs). Go minimal and just have fun. It’s the time to be together with family and friends.