Style rules session with Antee

Living sat down with Antee Gurung of Inspire fashion studio, to give you a short fashion forecast of upcoming spring season. The talented and beautiful designer’s works are famous for being minimal yet stylist and elegant.

1. Must have colors for upcoming spring season?

-Lemon yellow, Blush pink/dusty pink, Cherry, Baby blue, Honey   Lavender, Ultra violet and warm sand.

2. Your ultimate spring style and wardrobe essentials?

-Ruffled summer dresses, fanny packs and anything fringe for parties.

3. Go to outfit for spring season?

-Plain white crisp shirt with ripped jeans and denim skirts/shorts.

4. Who was your style icon growing up?

-My sister


5. Top 5 wardrobe essentials that you cannot live without.

Kitten heels, as they are comfy while still being elegant.

Perfect fitted jeans for casual working days

A beautiful dress for special occasions

A well-fitted suit for important meetings.

A perfect long trench coat or pea coat in any basic solid color to go with everything.


6. Any fashion pet peeves that should be banned?

-Anything loud and tacky.

7. Common fashion disaster women in Nepal make?

-The fashion scene in Nepal has improved drastically in the last few years but still people make some major faux pas, which I think is carrying the copy of high end branded bags. There are much more durable, stylish and affordable bags, which you can opt for, rather than a copied one.

8. What does looking sexy mean to you?

-Being sexy means being comfortable in your own skin.


9. Go to outfit for date night, friends night out and formal meeting.

-A dazzling dress for date night, a cool adidas look for friend’s night out and a prefect fitted suit from Inspire for formal meetings.

10. Name one so-called fashion rule that every woman should    break?

         -You don’t have to match your shoes and bag every time. Wear whatever your mood calls for or whatever you are comfortable in.

11. Best fashion advice that you received?

-Be you, everyone else is taken.