The dawn of the digital age has paved a new path for artists and illustrators. The illustrations we see today are mostly digitally generated. With digital artworks becoming more and more prevalent in animations and the crypto industries, the art market is experiencing a revolutionary change. Art is something that doesn't have a set value; the value of an art piece is completely dependent to the viewer. Here are some illustrators you should keep an eye out for.

Oindrilla Mukherjee, a Bengali currently working as a design consultant for a home furnishing brand in India and a part time illustrator, started her creative journey from NIFT Bangalore. She believes her artworks are an expression of life and a culmination of all of her expressions. Her illustrations generally carry a travel story, she says her illustrations help her relive those moments. Like every illustrator Oindrilla also carries a notebook along, “I have a little notebook where I sketch moods quickly when I find inspiration and later illustrate them digitally. As for weaving my imagination into reality, that is what art is all about!”She wants to create a space to reach a wider audience through different products that she is currently working on. She would like to bring the magic of colors to the people and points out that there is always an element of nature in her illustrations and she wants her work to be a refuge to an anxious mind.

"This illustration is inspired by a beautiful wedding of two close friends that took place in the Middle East. I've tried to capture the magical scenery that this place has to offer and most importantly, the love between the individuals!"

Aashma or more notably Artshma, a student of Bachelors in Fine Arts, is a mixed media illustrator and artist who has recently been creating digital illustrations and artworks. Her artwork mostly revolve around creative portraits with some cartoony creations. Her process consists of collecting different references and mixing multiple different things into one. Aashma has been involved in creative work ever since she was a child but has been taking the traditional route for three year now. Aashma adds that creating art gives her a sense of joy unlike others and she is truly grateful for being able to continue her studies down this path. She remembers when she started drawing  her experience in the school art classes had not been the best but remembers her mom teaching her to draw in her grandmother's shop. Aashma wants to show her perspective on the world through her artwork. She believes in expressing herself through her art , and the realistic traditional way is a little too constricting and feels true expressiveness when not bound to a form or a certain boundary.

Sahanshil Dangol is a 2D animator, motion designer, and illustrator who is currently based in London. Sahanshil goes by the name Sanz and has done many collaborative works through his discord platform. Sanz primarily works digitally on his Wacom Cintiq with Tvpaint or Clip Studio, but he always carries a sketchbook with himself and uses traditional medium for most of his concept drawings. Sanz is a trial and error type of person and believes it is important to put extra care and effort in pre-production and create a solid foundation for all different forms of work. He adds that practising poses is a must for any animator and that they should always use a reference. Sanz was an engineering and BA Ceramic design student but the subject felt very dull to him, he says, “I was always into anime and cartoons from a young age so I switched to Animation on a whim. I was unsure about it at first and the prospects I would have after university but once I got started, I couldn't stop. I fell in love with the medium and I saw just how much was possible if I was willing to put in the hard work.” Sanz wants to take his work to the next level by starting up bigger commercial projects and lead a bigger team in the future and is also working on his personal projects and wants to create a series heavily influenced by imagery from Nepal.

Noyo is a digital artist working from lalitpur, specialising in character design. Noyo started drawing and painting as a kid only as a hobby. She was a kid who didnt like to socialise much and art was her escape from everything. After 11 years of creating artworks she has moved this hobby into something a bit more serious now as she participates in workshops and does freelancing gigs in her own time. She never expected to take art on as a career but used it as a tool to express herself and destress. She wants to take it more seriously and is considering writing and illustrating more children's books and even character designing in video games. She loves creating anything anthropomorphic with fantasy elements while incorporating religious and holy features. Even though at the start of her journey she was heavily influenced by western culture she is slowly shifting towards getting inspiration from Nepali concepts. She wants to incorporate western style with Nepali themes.