Since we largely depend on unhealthy food for our daily nutrition, prioritizing our health is one of the biggest agendas today. People have been struggling to get proper nutrition partly due to their lifestyle, but mainly because of their busy schedule, compounded by the lack of naturally grown products in their daily diet.  
The secret for maintaining one’s health lies in a proper diet which can be achieved with organic and naturally grown products. Organic and naturally grown products are slowly getting more popular among Nepali consumers who are aware of the difference it makes in their health. 

The “organic” terminology is a reference to how specific foods are grown before reaching the market. They are free of chemicals, antibiotics, hormones and chemical fertilizers. More and more people are becoming conscious of what they consume and are opting for organic and naturally grown produce. 
These people are willing to pay more for healthy and organically grown products, hence there is a growing demand for organic vegetables in the Nepali market. However, there are also unscrupulous people selling products that are not organic but just labeled as such.
Customers can get hold of naturally grown produces which are grown in Nepal by Nepali farming companies like The Dwarika’s Eco Organic Farms. They have various farms across Nepal in different attitudes which helps them showcase a variety of naturally grown products.


"Our products are available online at which are then delivered to your door steps and we have recently started showcasing  our products at The Le Sherpa Farmers’ Market every Saturday. The response has been good, we are getting repeat clients which is a good sign. We are doing our best to provide naturally grown products produced here in Nepal to our customers,” says Sales and Marketing Executive of Nature's Flavours, Albina Baidya.

Nature's Flavours sells a variety of naturally grown produces which are seasonal as well as local such as brown rice (Jetho Budo) and white rice  (Kalanamak), brown and white rice (OR) white and brown rice, Anadi (sticky rice), flaxseed, turmeric, sesame, black gram beans, split yellow pigeon peas, red lentil, garlic etc. One of their bestsellers is their turmeric which amazes people with its great quality, aroma and flavor.  
The brand focuses on authenticity and highly discourages the use of plastics, so cloth bags, brown paper bags and upcycle used “khadas” are used instead. “As our products are naturally grown and organic, we are more inclined towards adopting environmentally  friendly substitutes mainly avoiding plastic bags as much as possible. We use reusable jute bags and cloth bags and also encourage our customers to avoid plastic. It is a small step but hopefully an impactful one for our ecosystem. One step at a time,” remarks Baidya. 
Adopting and incorporating naturally grown produces not only benefits our health and wellbeing but also helps our environment. As naturally grown produces do not use any pesticides and chemical fertilizers it ultimately promotes soil health and improve our environment. It also helps our economy by discouraging imports of naturally grown products from foreign countries and helps to uplift the living standards of farmers who are involved in this kind of farming.