“These Vegans are salary suckers,” he spat out with a glass of whiskey in one hand and the other pointing at me. Seven years later, and four years into baking and curating vegan desserts and still not dying of protein deficiency, the irony of the statement still tickles me once in a while. Honestly, a vegan lifestyle is actually a lot gentler on your purse than one might assume it to be.
The term Vegan was coined in 1944 indicating the abstinence of food/items that come from any being, living or once lived.
There are ways of how one chooses to live as a vegan. To begin with, one might choose to refrain from eating food that comes from any being that once lived, popularly known as a plant-based diet. Further, in addition to what you eat, if you choose to refrain from using products that come from beings living or once lived, this is a vegan lifestyle. And finally, an add-on to what you eat or use; when you choose to be mindful in treating every being, humans and non-human animals with compassion, is a vegan mindset.

Why the ‘vegan’ terminology?
Today, the term vegan is creating quite a stir, challenging multi-billion dollar companies worldwide to explore a vegan option, be it businesses related to food, cosmetics or skin care. Each year, the demand for vegan food seems to be beating its own record. But before all that happened, the word vegetarian was enough. Being a vegetarian meant abstinence from the food/ items that come from any being that lives or had once lived. Yes, the same definition. So, to be a vegetarian meant the same as what being a vegan means today. A new word had to be introduced because the term vegetarian gradually started to get corrupt with the changing demand of people. Ignited by capitalism and marketing strategist, terms like ovo-vegetarians, pescatarians, flexitarians tip-toed in confusing the consumer to doubt the choices they could make. Well, as said, “If you can’t convince people, confusing them works.” Even though the etymology of vegan and vegetarian is the same, these were confused to be different.

2022 and veganism
As the pandemic got the world to our palms, it did give us access to all the information that always screamed for attention. Caring for the planet, being conscious of what you put on your plate and minimal lifestyle gained a lot of attention. After all, whatever happened in a market of China did manage to stir up the planet. So, people did begin to see the need to do their part to save the planet. And, going vegan does seem to be the easiest solution.
Apparently, animal agriculture is the largest source of anthropogenic methane emission that contributes to 14.5 to 16.5% of global greenhouse emissions. So one item off your plate apparently manages to do a lot of good, which isn’t a lot to ask for. After all there are so many more items that can compensate for its taste. Choosing the latter and eating vegan has a ton of health benefits: for starters it reduces the chances of colon cancer, heart disease and reverses diabetes. 
Veganism sees a global high in 2022. Today, you don’t need to struggle to buy vegan. Anything and everything ranging from skin care, cosmetics, junk food, healthy food, meatless meat, fake eggs, cheeses, and of course cake is accessible with a tap. And Kathmandu is not backing out at all; the demand for vegan food, skincare and specially cakes is being fulfilled by numerous start ups who cater to the demand with uncompromised quality goods, after all why should vegan items be any less, if not better.