Born and brought up in Kathmandu, Amar Dahal and Amrit Dahal have been exciting their fans with their content creation. With a verified TikTok account @amar.amrit which has around 1.2M followers, the twins are shaking things up in the digital platform. These twin content creators who started making videos for fun, have been a part of more than 50+ social media campaigns in the last four years including brands like Gillette, Samsung, UN, Save the Children, Mi, Byanjan, Bajaj, Net Tv, Daraz, CG Net, etc. They have starred in more than 10 music videos; the twins have also worked for multiple brand collaborations, social media content creations and TVCs. Right now, they have managed to reach the top 10 in the celebrity dance reality show Dancing Stars and are meanwhile working on a few music videos and brand collaborations.
Amrit has been in theater since 2016 and has now been a part of 15+ theater productions mostly English and Nepali drama. He has also performed in India a couple times in prestigious shows like Bharat Rang Mahotsav which used to be held in Delhi at the National School of Drama. Once he also got selected for Theatre Olympics where he performed in the play “Diary of Anne Frank”. Till date, Amrit makes sure to get involved in theater projects whenever he gets time off from his usual engagements. 

Amar has mostly been into fashion content. During lockdown, he was involved with the fashion & style related content in Instagram, YouTube and TikTok aggressively.

How do people recognize you when they see you guys in public?
Amrit: Most people recognize us through TikTok. Our videos never got that viral before. Later, after Musically was changed to TikTok I feel the app started getting more popular among the people. It was right when lockdown also hit and that gave us the opportunity to be more active with the platform.  

Did you always want to get into content creation?
Amrit: Since my childhood, I wanted to be an actor and get exposed in the entertainment industry. Even Amrit did fun videos as a hobby, but never wanted to actually get into content creation.  

You guys are also one of the contestants in the show Dancing Stars which is being aired on Himalayan TV? Do you want to talk about that?
Amar: We were chosen for this show from the social media industry. We are very happy with our journey and the immense love and support that our followers are showering upon us. We have always loved dancing but had never practiced it professionally. Every week we have a new performance and we feel every week is a new learning experience. We are trying our new forms and themes every time. Thanks to the appreciation from people, we have reached the TOP 10 and all the credit goes to social media. We have been giving our best for this show, and if you like our performances, please do vote for us via Khalti app. We are ‘Team Amarbika’ contestant no. 1

Do you think being twins adds to the opportunities or is it a challenge?
Amar: Raising twins may have been a challenge for our parents but for us it has always been an opportunity. It’s fun I’ll say. I remember people contacting me after looking at Amar’s performance so that kind of opened more paths (laughs). During the theatrical performances, people have asked me to be on the stage confusing me with Amrit. Till date, we have come across only positive aspects of this. Once I sent Amrit to perform for me during a college act and no one knew about it. 
Amrit: Sometimes, even if people have mistaken us for each other, we act normal and don’t let them know. It’s always fun that way. 

Do you guys think that lockdown also contributed in building a digital presence for you guys?
Amrit: Lockdown definitely helped us. We had a lot of time and thus, we literally used to plan and schedule our contents for the day. It came as an interest as well as from the zeal to make the most of our free time. Though the resources were limited as we couldn’t step out, the room for creativity was always there

How do you handle the social media trolls?
Amrit: Sometimes we ignore them but when it crosses the limit, we just block them. However, we always take constructive criticism positively. I will suggest to all new content creators to be prepared for this because no matter what you do, there are always going to be trollers.   

Which has been the most viral video by you guys and in which platform?
Amar: It has to be a dance video in TikTok which has more than 50M views and was uploaded in 2020. It exuded a random fun vibe and it has made us realize that people like us in our true selves.

You have been making content for a long time now and must have understood your niche. What kind of contents do audience expect from you?
Amrit: People enjoy our dance and funny videos. I guess that’s mostly because during the lockdown too we made a lot of dance and lip-sync videos and now people expect similar content from us. 

Short-format contents are trending these days and you guys seem to be totally on it. What do you have to say about that?
Amar: Since we grew from short-format content in TikTok, we try to keep our focus on TikTok itself. I feel in today’s fast world, its more convenient for the people to resonate with the short-format contents. However, every now and then, we also post stuff on YouTube.

What is one advantage and disadvantage of creating short-form content?
Amar: Advantage- It’s very fast to make and anyone who has a content idea can make it. These types of videos are more impactful and the message is delivered efficiently and with less effort.  
Disadvantage: From a content creator point of view, I feel sometimes things can be rushed. You have to be super precise and think all the plot through before you shoot. 

What kind of trends do you foresee in the short-format content category in the days to come?
Amar: It’s gonna be more of videos; be it with fashion, entertainment, lip-sync or travel. 

What are some of the differences in the type of content that you guys have experienced in the past 4 years?
Amrit: The time aspect of the content is one point as we discussed above, but the other major thing that has been booming right now in digital space is the culture of collaborations. Brands are working with new faces and the term “Influencer” has also been very much glamorized lately. 

Both of you are also seen doing a lot of brand collaborations. Can you tell us about your experience with the same?
Amar: I feel it basically creates brand awareness among a larger portion of the audience. Even if the follower doesn’t use it in his/her life, they will at least know about it and its presence. We have seen a few brands that we’ve worked with growing tremendously based on the type of campaigns they do with us. We, being active on TikTok, which has a user-base from all age-groups, the brand mostly gains with our association with them. When we tie-up with Daraz or similar e-commerce platforms for any fashion brand, we get a lot of queries. We usually answer all of them because we try to stay connected with our followers. 

What type of content do you refrain from being associated with?
Amrit: We realize the fact that our followers are mostly teenagers. And thus, we stay away from making any type of 18+ content. We are always very much aware when we make our content. Explicit content can be very unusual to our followers and we don’t want to disappoint them. We try not to be associated with any political agendas either.  

What are your future plans?
Social media has been a blessing for us as it has helped us find our identity. We have managed to get into television only because of social media and we want to thank all our followers. They are part of us. We will always try to make content that will keep entertaining them. We are looking for prospects to start our own brand soon.