In a city overgrown with music, Kathmandu is home to quite a few recording studios offiering services of music production. One of the best among these is Bajra Creation Recorrds, housed at the hub of the valley, Babarmahal.

Biju Bajra, the founder of Bajra Creation Records says ,” For me, music is a way of life and I have been passionately pursuing it since as long as I can remember”. Biju Bajra is a reknowned musician in the Nepalese music industry who founded his own recording studio with the goals of contributing his own experience with music to the thriving Nepali music scene in the year 2003. Since then, Bajra has made hundreds of songs in various genres from folk, rock to remixes and bagged up a lot of musical awards for his commendable works. He has worked with most of the exciting names of music and some of his popular songs are TImi Ma Bhanda by Sugam Pokharel, Bistarai Chayo by Karna Das, and Mai Thuli Bhaichu Re by Reshma Sunuwar.

Currently, Bajra Creation Records is run by his own two sons, Kobid Bazra and Bikesh Bazra. Kobid Bazra is an ethnomusicology graduate from Kathmandu University, whose folk tones and high energy have secured him a place as a successful music producer since the last 7 years while Bikesh Bazra is also pursuing a degree of his own in ethnomusicology, continuing their family vocation.
Sound engineering equipments make up one of the rooms in the studio while another room has space for musicians to play instruments and record music. Parquet flooring and concrete ceilings allow musicians to have an environment with fantastic soundproofing and acoustics for the quality recording sessions.

“Most of the music listeners might be oblivious to the fact that there’s an entire ecosystem that exists to get their favorite artists on record and then, onstage, which is exactly where Bajra Creation Records comes in action.” Kobid explains while playing me one of his original soundtracks for Chinese feature film ‘Namaste Mount Everest’, a film by Zhu Cheng. 

The studio expertises in background scores, recording, mixing and mastering, giving musicians the whole package of quality music. Coming from a folk ethnic music background, Kobid embodies a role model figure for those who consider music as a vehicle for making typical Nepalese voices and instruments heard. Familiar with almost every music instruments, this multi tasker is also an active Sarangi player and tutor at Project Sarangi and therefore, only works on selective projects that is applicable to his genre.

An ergonomic panel of quality writer, songwriter, session players, inhouse musicians, mixing engineer, music producer and mastering engineer make up the team of Bajra Creation Records. The notable projects go from background scores for full series of international franchise Himalayan Roadies Season I and II, for documentary on reknowned public figure couple, Dhurmus and Suntali, and short films, Lachhmaniya, Yajju, and feature film, Namaste Mount Everest, About a Girl, live recording sessions for folk- fusion bands, Ma, Panchamrit, and MiKu, production of a progressive metal band, The Elbow Room, and pop band, The Lazys to working on a multi cultural music project with Yun Ge Man Cultural Communication, China.
In just a decade and a half, they have recorded songs of various Nepali popular artists and composed hundreds of songs. 

Some remarkable artists who have worked together with Bajra Creation Records include 
Dharmendra Sewan, Reshma Sunuwar, Indira Joshi, Prabisha Adhikari, AXATA, Santosh Lama, Pratap Das, Trishna Gurung, Satya Raj Acharya.