Fragments of Angst

By- Circle

‘Angst is a feeling of deep anxiety or dread, typically an unfocused one about the human condition or the state of the world in general’, reads the album cover of Fragments’ latest release, a full length studio album.

The band confirms their journey from the year of establishment, back in 2013, to the present day has been shaky yet overwhelming, falling behind and day dreaming at times, to owning the gigs, planning and celebrating their very own album release.  The genre of metal music they do also contributed much into it as ‘djent’, the band calls their kind, is a relatively new kind in the country having had only a couple of bands try it in the past.

‘The studio album ‘Angst’ is the continuation of our efforts in pursuing our dreams, we hope to represent the country in global arena someday’, explains Regan, the front man of the band. The album artwork drawn by Young Flame based on one of the songs in the album, ‘Lucid’, does signify how serious this young band about their passion. Fragments, last year by releasing their first EP, ‘Divergence’, did give a vivid hint of the same.

The carefully placed eight songs based on the band’s lyrics and sound in their new album, ‘ANGST’, explains about living in the moment to divergence amongst us, emotional pains, finding answers and healing. The album production is undoubtedly industry best at present, produced by band’s own engineer, Riken Maharjan; mastered by Kobid Bazra and carefully sealed by the artistic album design of graphic artist Julius Tamrakar.

The video of ‘Finding Answers’ released by the band two weeks prior to the album launch caught the metal scene like wildfire bagging the positive reviews from industry specialists and the audience. Few hate comments were also seen to which the band took as the struggle among the audience to embrace the new genre of music. Definitely the album including most music everywhere deserves a few spin before people start liking, it’s not pop-music anyways. “And particularly djent is nothing like other forms of well-established metal, its powerful but power and aggression is not everything, we heavily follow odd time signatures; basically it’s more like we are doing math with music”, says Suzzeet.

The band was in fact very shocked to witness the venue packed with audience during the album launch, especially following the hate comments for the video that came prior to the reviews by the specialists. The album launch itself was a big leap of faith for Fragments as they had invited iconic death metal band ‘Binaash’ as a guest act, they really had to be more than good to be sharing same with Binaash. The band explains that they took chances and invited Binaash as the urge to signify their idea of mutual respect among musicians and bands rather than age seniority. The audience took it fine, enjoyed, it was a well-executed gig where both bands nailed the show. “We had a really great time and Fragments, new emerging young talented guys nailed it too”, exclaims Prabin Shrestha from Binaash.

Fragments strategically plans to release their new song, ‘Angst’, from which they took in the name of the released album, pretty soon with a video. And the next thing is another album which will start from the same song. Personally having been following the band for years, ‘Angst’ has made me feel the change in the Fragments’ sound and song structure. Unlike their songs from their last EP, the new album consists of new songs that are carefully worked on the sound dynamics and melody but keeping intact the heavy parts. This change in their sound is mature that comes with experience and hope this is going to be their signature.

Fragments is Regan Awale on Vocals, Suzzeet Shrestha on drums, Ridesh Tamang on vocals, Sunit Maharjan on vocals, Kanchan Baskota on bass, Riken Maharjan on sound engineering and Prabin Maharjan / Tuggu on management.