Progressive rock band, Kamero’s video for their song ‘Pragmatic Delusions’ released last year depicts the level of seriousness and quality that Jazz Productions beholds on their works. Jazz Productions, which they believe to be a collaborative, creative media production house based on experimentation, admits that the video for the song has been the most satisfying so far. And undoubtedly the video is considered one of the finest releases of 2016. Another video produced for Winter Aid, an indie Irish artist is scheduled to be released this January.

Focused on creative concepts and with it, the quality of the output behind each of their work, Jazz Productions have already been making a mark in the country’s media production sector. The release of at least eleven videos and the controversial short film ‘Bob’ has had much to do in Jazz Productions’ quest for making a name as a group. Music videos, commercials, selective storytelling based weddings, sound design, short movies, graphic design and photography are the primary works the group has been known for since the creation of the  company in 2014.

Jazz Productions was founded by Labesh Shrestha, Tejaswee Rajthala and Prabin Basnet Kazzi, primarily to work together on their own concepts and ideas. Aneel Neupane joined the company later as a co-founder. Today the company has a core team of eight people enrolling Niva Rajbangshi, Aman Karna, Prajwal Bhattarai and Tripty Tamang Pakhrin. The company has been working with a further twenty professionals from around the world. Jazz Productions also has a successful branch in Australia while another branch is being set up soon in the US. Importantly the team consists of professionals with diverse work talent, which when brought together gives birth to innovative and interesting output like Kamero’s video for instance.

Interestingly, the company has two main sectors: commercial projects and passion projects. While commercial projects, as they explain, are the client based professional work, passion projects are more personal and lead to creative ideas such as the short movie ‘Bob’ which they fund themselves. And the short movies they produce are usually intended for film festivals in general. 

The year 2016 has been one of the busiest for the team, and a successful one as well. Including numerous artists and musicians, Jazz Productions’ client list includes some global names such as Duffle & Co, Golf for Nepal, UN, and Solar Cinema Nepal. Presently the team has been enjoying overwhelming response from the audience as well as their clients. 

Making a feature film is also in their future plan, for which the team is looking for potential producers. The team is going with the flow, as the base of beautiful genre of Jazz music, from where they took the name itself. It’s also exactly what they did during the sad gala of what happened with their short movie ‘Bob’. Jazz Productions is thankful for the immense support and sympathy from people here, which in a way helped them get recognition as well. Jazz Productions has moved on setting up their next target, which is what was needed; going with the Jazz.