Dev Rana, a respected name in the Nepali music industry, has been playing drums for forty-five years. Without much assurance of a future in music, he just transformed his hobby into a passion when he was still a teenager. 

Born in Malaysia, brought up in an army environment, Dev Rana got the opportunity to travel a lot at an early age and to study in a British School. At the age of eleven, he was influenced by western music, western lifestyle and everything that goes with it.  Ringo Starr, Drummer of The Beatles has been an inspiration for him from his early days. "My journey happened all accidentally. I was just having fun as a drummer, but I never thought that I'd still be a drummer today," says Rana.   
When he returned to Nepal in the 1970's he found that there were only a couple of clubs in Kathmandu where various bands from India used to perform. Slowly, one of the places turned into a rock restaurant and Rana and his band were the first to perform there. Replacing the Indian bands at 5 star hotels has been the turning point of his career. 
Kathmandu was also influenced by hippies back in the 70's and Rana came in touch with hippie culture. He started jamming with the hippies. And gradually, his passion towards playing drums grew more and at the end of the ‘70's his hobby turned into professional performances. He started playing in different five star hotels around town.  
"The music scene has evolved a lot in comparison to our times. So, sometimes I feel like I'm left behind as I didn't get a chance to explore the technology. But still I was very fortunate to play on a good set of drums in those early days too," says Dev. He is satisfied and happy with the way he is as he has been doing what he loves to do. He feels it's a privilege to be called a "legend" which he has earned. He adds, "I think that I have come a long way. And this is proof that I have done something right; to deserve this prestige and honor. It has been a recognition for me which I greatly appreciate."  
The saddest part of his life has been the tragic loss of his wife and his only son. Rana says, "I will live on every moment of my life for my wife and son." He thinks that it is better to have the self satisfaction of knowing what you are doing is right and happiness that comes from doing it.

Favorite Artists: Bipul Chhetri, he is different. 
Currently engaged with: I have been covering various events and I have also been involved with the younger generation. 
Favorite Bands: Robin and The New Revolution, Cobweb, 1974 AD, Abhaya and The Steam Injuns; they have their own personalities. I feel extremely proud that we have lots of variety and talent in Nepali musicians. 
Things to do in the future: I want to live for my wife and for my son. 
Message to your audience: Live your life well. When you look back, you should be proud of how you have lived your life.