LeoAries – A voyage towards another dimension

Take into account the first time Jimmy Page along with John Paul Jones and Robert Plant jammed with John Bonham. History of rock music has shown time and time again that the chemistry among band members determines their future. That particular jam session gave rise to Led Zeppelin, arguably the greatest rock band ever.

Abhishek S. Mishra, popularly known as ASM, enjoys a similar kind of chemistry with Bibek with whom he shares their experimental music project LeoAries. This electronic psychedelic band is a voyage into newer dimensions for them. And the two songs they’ve released this year on YouTube does justify what they have to say about their music.

Abhishek from Spirit X was looking forward to trying electronic elements when he came across Bibek who had recently parted with Underside. And LeoAries started merely with a jam session that sparked their characteristic chemistry that gave them ‘Never Too Late’, their second official single. I remember being taken aback while I heard the unmixed version of their first single ‘One’ at the studio. Their sound can best be described as something psychedelically catchy and simple. Their songs are fairly tricky in composition and involve punchy outbursts at times as the song gradually builds up.  Without doubt their longer than usual songs have been well received by the audiences, and with them the band itself.The warm reception came as a surprise to them also because the band thought their music was ahead of time here in the country. Their music appeals to musicians and serious listeners, but for the general audience it is hard to grasp.

Putting aside the sound of the band, the philosophy which is the base of their lyrics and song composition is something very remarkable and worth listening to for hours. Abhishek, who writes the lyrics, informs that the whole concept is about existence, a simple term that presents meanings with varying weight depending on the listener’s perception. The two releases speak about and question our existence as a species on this planet: why we are here in the first place and where we are heading? According to Abhishek, it is a kind of effort to explore everybody’s childhood fantasy, and everyday thinking of some people.

LeoAries with two of the singles online, plan to come out with a concept EP very soon. By the concept EP, the band means all the songs will be lyrically and musically based on the theory of the band. The EP yet to be released is to be a psychedelic musical meditation. While the band is recording their third song, they plan to release the EP online and also look forward to performing live.

LeoAries is Abhishek on guitar and vocals accompanied by Bibek Tamang on drums and samples. Bibek is a full time musician best known for his work with Underside and is currently involved with Anuprastha, while Abhishek is also a Radio Host and writer. Despite their individual priorities, LeoAries is very seriously working together to take the band into yet another destination, another dimension.

Check them out on YouTube.