Recording studios inside Kathmandu Valley

The music industry of Nepal has seen many musicians pursuing their passion by becoming full or part time musicians, performers and studio artistes. In the meantime, there are some who venture into the related businesses associated with this art. We feature some individuals who have ventured into the art of audio engineering. 

KJC Studio

Nirakar Yakthumba and Manoj K.C. members of 1974 AD-are the main founders of the studio with Manzil Bikram K.C. as its sound engineer. The studio was inaugurated in 2009 and has till date been a recording studio for bands such as 1974 AD, Cadenza, Joint Family International and April Rush. The studio mostly specializes in recording of jazz music along with other genres. It also has a history of some Foley recording and background scoring for movies. 


Location: Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory, Jhamsikhel

Contact: 015013554

RK Studio Nepal 

Providing musicians with ample space for all kinds of audio work related to audio/visual pre and postproduction, the studio has been built recently and is spacious .Roshan Kunwar-lead guitarist and founding member of the rock band Mukut established it. The recording studio is not only an audio workstation, but also a photography studio with a lounge for musicians who would want to take a break once in a while during their recordings. Currently, Riken Maharjan is the sound engineer of the studio, who has worked on numerous projects of singers and musicians who have stepped inside the studio’s spacious recording room that is also hired out for practice sessions. The ambience and the audio production of the studio will keep customers coming back for more! 

Location: 3rd Floor, Block A building, 

Balkhu Agriculture and Vegetable Market

Contact: 014287295    

Do Re Mi 

Nhyoo Bajracharya: If you know his name, then you have probably heard of his recording studio. Do Re Mi is also a music school that has been teaching music to dedicated students for more than a decade. Most contemporary pop singers first enter the audio arrangement office of guitarist Gopal Rasailee or Pradeep Joshi before stepping inside their recording studio located on the top floor of the building. Besides recording, aspiring musicians can also opt to become a professional singer or a musician by attending the institute’s music classes. 

Location: Jamal

Mr. Music 

Run by Dibesh Mulmi-lead guitarist and founding member of the famous local rock act ‘Cobweb’, Mr. Music is a hub for musicians who would want to work directly with the veteran himself. Having worked in a studio station for about 19 years manning the control board, Mulmi’s new studio has been able to attract several rock bands and musicians in recent times. Likewise, it is also a practice room on hire that offers musicians a choice of different sets of drums and guitar amplifiers. As for Dibesh, it is a mix of both analogue and digital sound processing units as his consoles. 

Location: Harihar Bhawan

Kripa Drishya Digital

When the musical audio/visual series ‘Kripa Unplugged’ hit the television audiences via Terai TV and Kantipur Televison as well as on YouTube, its viewership grew at a rapid rate, and prompted the producers to come up with a new season of the same program. An initiative of the owner of the recording studio of this company and singer-Shiva Lamichhane, Kripa DrishyaDigital is a complete audio workstation that has been of great interest to both musicians and film producers looking for music scoring. Well-known contemporary composer Almoda Uprety (who worked on the song ‘Jaalma’) is the in-house music arranger of the studio at present. 

Location: Teku

Rec Records 

Previously the lead guitarist of Robin and Looza and now sitar player of the fusion rock band: Kanta dAb dAb, Sunit Kansakar is the owner of Rec Records-a studio that has been a platform for many upcoming rock and metal musicians of the recent past. At the basement of the studio, Kansakar also enjoys his practice session with members of Mukti & Revival at times in the practice room of the studio. During the recording sessions, the veteran makes it a point to sit with his clients himself, spending as much time as possible with them in order to deliver the best output. 

Location: Nardevi