BTS, EXO, Bigbang, Winner, Blackpink, Twice,  we’ve heard one of these names at least once lately, whether it is from our friends, family or complete strangers. Within this whimsical world of contemporary music, pretty faces and attractive choreography, we find quality content and the great influence it has on the Nepali people.

K-pop has seen exponential growth in recent times on a global scale, becoming one of the biggest influences. A good example here is Psy's "Gangnam Style" which was released in July 2012. The song gained billions of views on YouTube and became a global hit. As a result, it broke all international records and has massively influenced popular culture worldwide.

Touching on the meaning of it, K-pop is defined as Korean Popular Music which includes electronic, hip-hop, trot (old fashioned Korean music), pop, rock and R & B. Moreover, every song has a unique choreography style which instantly grabs your attention. Originating from South Korea, Korean pop has grown to be a prevalent subculture among teenagers in countries like Nepal where it has given rise to widespread curiosity in Korean fashion, style, music and even Korean people.


This blooming spectacle of Korean culture has swept across many nations of the world, even taking the western world by storm. More teenagers gravitate towards the trend of K-pop mostly due to various aspects even though they are unable to understand the Korean language.

K-pop opens doors to having an open mind towards accepting other cultures and trends, and that is exactly what teens are looking for. Many Nepali youth are attracted towards the complex yet memorable dance choreography, quirky fashion, culture and the genre of music as a whole. Furthermore, embracing such a culture has increased tolerance and made people more open minded. Students even believe that K-pop has brought a positive change in their emotions, and made their lives more interesting and driven.

Nepalis have even started hosting flash mobs, K-pop festivals, like the one on 2nd December 2017 at The British School, and there were other contests as well. "Emergency fund collection by Exo-Ls of Nepal" had contributed to bring relief to people affected by the Terai region flood in August 2017. Similar events through charity from the Nepali K-pop Community have also made significant contributions.

Song Review

What makes K-pop interesting is its unique beat/tune combined with catchy translated words.

Twice’s latest comeback, “What is Love?” embraced their usual cutesy concept with the theme of finding love through a path of complicated events. This song incorporates various movie references from films like “Romeo and Juliet” (1996), Academy Award winning “La La Land” (2016), “The Princess Diaries” (2001), “Ghost” (1990), “La Boum”, “Pulp Fiction” (1994), “Leon” and a Japanese film, “Love Letter” (1995).

Although BTS (The Bangtang Boys) were destined to be a hip-hop group, they do involve themselves in alternative electronic pop which was seen in one of BTS’s recent songs “DNA”. Known as the “Candy-coated EDM banger”, this song shows a more pastel side of BTS, mixing electronic music with heavenly vocals of the band members.

Later, BTS had actually dropped the song “Mic Drop” along with a remix made by American electro house musician and DJ, Steve Aoki which peaked in both the Korean and American music charts. This shows the diversity of the group as they could adapt to the English version of the song.

Blackpink released “As if it’s Your Last” as their hot summer comeback in 2017. This song showcased more of Blackpink’s “Pink” side, since their previous songs were on the side of sexy and “boyish” concepts. The song has a catchy summer vibe which helped it rise as one of the fastest streamed Music Videos on YouTube.