The journey began with their aim of getting audiences pumped up with their music.

College is the place where it all started - recall the band members as they explain how after a few ups and downs and a few changes, the band came through to their current lineup in 2014. In the early days they did covers of songs that were popular but least covered - which they still do and took part in music competitions as well. But after realizing what they are capable of, they are on the path of writing songs of their own. They’re determined to make their audiences see a different but better perspective of life through their music.

Sketching images of elements that define life events, rock music with soul - is what they would like to call the music they play. Creating their own music that matches the band’s name, the college band is now on the verge of going commercial with an acoustic song “Aafai thik huncha” which can also be seen through video links for a competition organized by SongsNepal. The band‘s EP is to follow in mid 2017.  

Band profile

Nishant Acharya, has been playing the guitar since he was in school where he played for his school’s orchestra. He was influenced and taught by his brother. Moving forward towards his academic goals he has recently completed his bachelor’s degree and is focusing on working on his academics and music simultaneously.

Sanjit Khadka, bassist, also started out while in school, taking classes from renowned guitar player Rojan Ranjit at Planet Music. More inclined towards progressive music, he intends to go solo and doing an album soon.

Chhitij K.C, the drummer has been beating the skins for more than ten years now. He has had the privilege of learning music from some of the best musicians around, Sunil Maharjan (Dead Mariners), classes from Nikhil Tuladhar at NMC and Kiran Shahi (Jindabaad), to name a few. He is also one of the founders and teachers at Music Circle, Kupondole.

Bijay Bhandari, the frontman is also an early starter who sang Nepali songs while still in school. Good response from teachers and friends encouraged him to sing English songs later on leading to “Summer of ‘69” his first English cover song. Now he also writes most of the lyrics for the band. He is also a self taught singer whose aim is to hit those high notes with ease once he has had enough practice.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve ever faced as a band?

Time management which is hard but we’re managing it.

What is the best gig you’ve all played as a band?

 RS MOTO- Women Empowerment - Biggest crowd reaction from our performance
 Rock lane - New years (2014)


Where do you guys rehearse and jam?

Music Circle

Which artist do you listen to most or get inspiration from?

Nishant - Guthrie Govan, Aristocrats, Iron Maiden

Sanjit - Porcupine Tree, Tool, Kamero, Kanta dab dab

Chhitij - Dennis Chambers, Buddy Rich, Tesseract

Bijay - Kings of Leon, Nepathya, Bipul Chettri

What is the gear you prefer, that you’d want to possess?

Nishant - PRS guitar (Mark Trimonti series or dragon series)

Sanjit - Warwick, Epiphone

Chhitij - “Any type of drum I could beat on”

Bijay - Nothing specific