A musical show that's one of a kind, homegrown out of passion. Featuring independent nepali artists, Yomari sessions aim to keep producing good, honest and authentic music.

In Rainbow – From the Basement” by the alternative rock band Radiohead, which came out in 2008, is one of the few live video albums that have made a huge impact on my understanding of musicianship, definition of live music and with its production, the quality itself. Watching the videos this very day after seven years of  being around, the band and the production team’s seriousness in making this album still transfixes me. Believe me, doing something like this will probably be a hundred times harder than recording materials, given the fact that it’s a live take. Personally, I’ve always found live performances more intriguing than the original recordings themselves; music quite often sounds better when heard live, probably because it channelizes energy from the artistes to the audience in a way that recordings can never do.

Yomari Sessions is something like Radiohead’s live album. Watching the first edition of Yomari Sessions, I can tell it’s one of a kind, and a hundred percent pure musical show, homegrown out of passion.  The videos they have uploaded in their YouTube channel indicate their desire for contributing to the music scene of Nepal, something I’ve always felt the need for earlier. A suitable ambience, carefully placed musical instruments, a deserving band performing their best, live audio and video recording with the warm tone of lights well placed, followed by decent editing and enhancing; we need more shows like this for the growth of the music scene here for sure. That’s because recording an album is easy these days; you can do a hundred re-takes until it sounds awesome, but performing live demands maturity, efficiency and most of all, perfection.

“Yomari Sessions is an attempt to capture the best possible performances featuring Independent Nepali Artists,” informs the group.  Stairs of Cirith, Flekke, Shreeti and Baaja, Abhyu and Sakchyam are some of the artistes and bands that were featured in the first session around seven months back. The show came into being as the Yomari Sessions when a media production company named Amuse Communications’ Katha Haru wing, in collaboration with Mass Productions, after two and a half years of planning. By now they have gathered approximately 1500 subscribers in their YouTube channel and around 5000 subscribers on Facebook.

Every beautiful thing needs time in the making, likewise is the household popularity of Yomari Sessions. While most of the serious music lovers and artistes already know about them, the team admits that the show has gradually been making a mark. The fact that the show has been made out of the team’s passion and not willing to get into sponsorship deals with other companies at this time also played a part in it. However, Yomari Sessions is hopeful that in future it will grow commercially for the betterment of the show and everybody associated with it. But they also do not want to change their structure and quality and want to make sure everybody, including the artistes get well paid. For the time being, the show has been more like a treasured outcome of the time and financial investment of the group collected from the commercial work they do.

The team is hopeful that yet another session will be happening around mid to late 2017 despite their busy schedules. The positive feedback especially artistes and bands wanting to be included in the show and people actually starting to know them for their work with Yomari Sessions is something they are overwhelmed with at the moment. While the team has not really thought seriously about commercial endorsement tie-ups through Yomari Sessions, they plan to keep collaborating and producing good, honest and authentic music and providing a good platform for the music scene here.

‘In Rainbow-From the Basement’ can be recognized as the highest degree of production, guessing by the budget that may have been involved; after all Radiohead is one of the most popular bands ever and often regarded as gods of alternative music. But Yomari Sessions might just be the very first live show in Nepal that actually records everything live in the present digital age. Breaking the trend, the productions done by the session is quite satisfactory for its small budget and technical limitations. But the important thing is they finished most of the songs in just one take in the first session, putting pressure on the artistes to be truly original and professional. Like the Yomari itself, the sweet Newari food everyone likes but remains under-rated, the original music here is no different.  If you haven’t already done so, go through their videos; we need more initiatives like Yomari Sessions.