Boutique hotels have become incredibly popular as of late. Many tourists prefer to stay in one of these hotels with authentic, local and personalized space rather than the international chain hotels with the same design and style. Nepal also has seen the rise of boutique hotels that have intricate designs, an abundance of local arts and crafts, homely touches and comfort. 
Hotel TIMILA is a boutique hotel in the middle of historic Patan for anyone seeking to stay in close proximity with the locals and getting to know more about them and their lifestyle. Situated in Tumbahal, Patan, it is far from all the unwanted hustle and bustle of the city. The hotel was built leaving ample space around so that guests can relax in comfort since traditional Newari houses are narrow and have low ceilings which could be a problem when it comes to comfort. 

“As the hotel is centrally located near Patan Durbar Square, a world heritage site, we were very certain that we wanted Newari architecture for the hotel. But Newari traditional houses are narrow with low ceilings and most of our guests are European who are generally tall. We didn’t want them to feel any discomfort so we opted for European style for the interior and Newari theme for the exterior. Furthermore, we have tried our best to include Newari antiques inside each and every room of the hotel to maintain that Newari essence,” says Rajib Awale, Owner of Hotel TIMILA. 
Each and every corner of the hotel speaks of the Newari essence and bits and pieces which symbolize Newari civilization to the visitors. From the entrance to the reception, lobby, hallways and even the staircases of the hotel showcase the finest artifacts which are commonly used in Newari households. 
“Most of the displayed antiques are our own which we brought from our homes and decided to utilize them in our hotel and surprisingly each item blends in finding their own place and I believe this is the authentic way to exhibit our culture and tradition,” adds Awale. 

Initially the hotel was made for residential purposes but the owners later decided to turn it into a boutique hotel. All the Newari parts and touches were the owner’s own vision. “Growing up in a Newari household of old Patan, I was very familiar with Newari arts and crafts as well as the special Newari designs and touches, so I have applied the same techniques in the hotel. Whether it be the entrance or the windows, it’s the same as it was back then in my house. One of the main reasons behind that was to let the guests enjoy the same feel and comfort as that of my home,” remarks Awale. 

The main attraction of the hotel lies in its tranquil garden where they have a statue of the god Bhairav with a traditional Chibahaa inside the courtyard where pujas are performed on a daily basis and a Vajra placed in the center of the garden in front of the ‘Chibahaa’. According to the owner, during ‘matyaa’, a festival which is celebrated annually in the Patan area, devotees come to visit and worship the Chibahaa as part of the festival.
Hotel TIMILA also works actively on reducing plastic consumption and uses eco-friendly products only. The hotel has been providing stainless steel refillable water bottles in each of the rooms. They also provide reusable wooden containers with a carved logo of Timila for shampoo, conditioner and lotion along with tote bags as giveaways and have placed cloth laundry bags in each room.