An introduction into the contemporary art scene in Nepal

The Amalgam art exhibition was initially started by Siddhartha Art Gallery in the year 2007 which included contemporary works by 32 national and international artists. Amalgam is a collective exhibition which showcases works by senior artists while also serving as a platform for upcoming young artists from Kathmandu University, Central Department of Art Tribhuvan University, Sirjana and Lalitkala Academy and visiting international artists. Following editions were held in 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012 in 2014. This edition marks the 7th in the series and features the works of 40 Nepali artists, which are remarkable.

Amalgam provides an insight into the contemporary art scene in Nepal, Due to the constraint of space the exhibition was also spread to the beautiful Pipal Bot venue in Baber Mahal Revisted. A total of 166 works were on display in the Gallery and at Pipal Bot. A special feature in this series was the opportunity to learn Raku ceramic techniques with master artist Gopal Kalapremi Shrestha.

In addition 4 artists (Birendra Pratap Singh, S.C Suman, Seema Sharma Shah and Uma Shankar Shah) is also represented . Amalagam embraces multiple mediums, a small selection of prints by Printmaking Nepal featuring the works of Lok Chitrakar, late Manuj Babu Mishra is also exhibited.

The exhibition provides art lovers an opportunity to view and enjoy the beautiful art work by some of the amazing artists in the country. All the art is unique and has its own story. With very little support for art in the country Siddhartha Art Gallery has provided an arena for these talented artists to display their work and appreciate  the artwork by our skillful artists.The Amalgam exhibition 2018 is a diverse mix of genres: ceramic arts, paintings, mixed media works and sculpture. The variety of works is a reflection of the extraordinary work the Gallery has undertaken to promote and encourage our local artists that we have in our country.

The Siddhartha Art Gallery was established in 1987 and has organized over 500 exhibition over the last 31 years.