Comic Con’s arrival in Nepal coincides with a big leap in the effort by enthusiasts of otaku culture to share and exhibit the passion of the country’s love of comics, games and Hollywood movies. Abhinav Shrestha, the young director of Comic Con Nepal says, “My team and I are looking forward to unite the community of Nepali youths through the world of arts, music, games, and comics and in doing so, also provide exposure of the pop culture to a wider audience.”

The idea for Comic Con Nepal was born out of the love of people who are into pop culture and otaku culture. “We first started researching comic conventions held in our neighboring country, India in 2015 and then the whole wide world. In the process, we got to take part in LA, New York, and San Diego Comic Con with the help of our affiliated company, Koto International Llc. Finally in September 2017 we blazed the trail of comic convention for the first time in Nepal,” adds Abhinav

In the second year, Comic Con Nepal was held on 15th September at Bhrikutimadap Garden and featured a wide array of special guests, vendors, cosplayers and artists. From the playful Monkey D. Luffy in ‘One Piece’ to the big, bad Thanos from ‘The Avengers’, thousands of comic book and science fiction fans went head-to-head at this year’s Comic Con Nepal. It was sheer delight witnessing thousands of people coming together for their love of arts. “We’re just here to have fun,” said Kiran Tamang, an aspiring artist who competed in comic con’s art contest. “For cosplay, this is a big social gathering and it gives the entire community a much bigger platform and revelation.”

“It’s not only a hobby, it’s an art. I made the costume that I am wearing and it took me weeks to get it done. And in all honesty, despite all the hard work, I love every minute of it,” remarks Saramsh Rai, who attended this year’s Comic Con Nepal dressed as Albedo from the novel series ‘Overlord’.

Archana Kandangwa who cosplayed as Umaru Doma from the manga series ‘Himouto! Umaru Chan’ said she similarly enjoys cosplaying because it allows her to dress up as characters she admires and meet others who have a common interest for anime series. ‘I think Comic Con Nepal brings together people with similar interests in a way and you feel like a part of this big happy family. There’s this instant bonding between people which is very rare to come by anywhere else”.

The event featured Tamanegi, a professional cosplayer from Turkey, musical performances by Sabin Rai and the Pharaoh, Spectrums, The Non Weeb Kids, and Of Quiet Echoes, dance performances by Crimson Yeoja and Boys meet Kpop. They also hosted a cosplay contest, an art contest, a gaming contest, AMV contest, food stalls and merchandise stalls. Comic Con Nepal plans to organize comic con in Nepal annually and will definitely bring it on in 2019 as well. With the goal of spreading awareness and promote culture throughout Nepal, the team is also working on conducting comic conventions outside the valley in the near future.