Many people go through the painful dilemma of trying to decide whether to “let go” or “hold on to” their old buddy. It’s by no means an easy task when it comes to deciding the fate of your favorite car. Maybe you don’t have to; you could renovate your car. These swift tricks of renovation will make you fall in love with your cherished vehicle all over again.

Performance A good set of Tires

In theory, a good set of tires can either make or break your game. Study your tire type and get a better alternative. It will help you increase speed and improve control at the same time. Your car will also look sharper with a new set of tires. For example: if you have an S rated tire set, try to get a Z rated one instead.

Upgrade your Brakes

When it comes to performance, your brakes should be one of your primary focus points. You are compromising safety and control of the vehicle if you don’t have updated brakes. For easy renovation – change the brake pads with something newer and go for high-performance. But, you can also change the complete braking option with heavy duty brakes.

Support the Suspension

You can have a superior suspension depending on the bushing functionality. The suspension reduces the amount of vibrations and keeps your car running smoothly even if the road has rough patches. At times, it can also help the distribution of weight. You can change your old bushing with new ones to keep your car performing well. A good option is polyurethane bushing as it is long lasting and smoother than rubber as well.

Sprinkle Some Shocks and Springs

A comfortable ride demands well-maintained shock absorbers and springs. You should regularly update your shocks and springs if your ride is regularly on bumpy roads. It not only eliminates unwanted vibrations but also helps braking and acceleration. You can add coilovers or go for an updated version of the shocks & springs.

Appearance Clever Covers

Just as a person would look super dull if (s)he kept wearing the same outfit over and over again, a car can give the same feeling to its owner. Give your car a brand new look with new seat covers and floor mats. Study the color-contrast to select covers that go well with your car. For something that is budget-friendly and sturdy at the same time, go for Vinyl. How your car looks is a matter of taste.

A Touch of Tech

Speed and tech as we all know should go hand in hand. Give your car a futuristic look by adding some extra technology. A smartphone holder,

USB connectivity, some LED lighting or some video screens will do the trick. Efficient and practical – you get the best of both worlds.

Color Talks

There are about 10 million colors in the known world – your car can surely use a few of those. Changing the color of your car is a big step, but it is worth it. Make a short list of your preferred colors and apply test colors before you make the final decision. You can also opt for a car painting to make a bolder statement.

Quick Quirks

There is a lot of room for fun and creativity when it comes to decking up your car. Indulge in a vanity plate that screams your persona. Add some dangling deities in front of the windshield or simply go for a bold sticker! Or, if you are looking for something fancy – get a custom made hood ornament for your car. The sky is the limit.

Just a little love, care, and attention could be the secret behind a lasting relationship between you and your car.