“Shine Bright like a Diamond” sings Rihanna while she rolls her diamonds in rizla. As the saying goes, ‘Diamonds are a girl's best friend’ but so are ‘jewelry’. Since time immemorial jewelry has not just stood for idealized embellishment of beautiful women and men, but a symbol of power, wealth and social status as well. Jewelry making is an art form that got the patronage of kings and queens who could provide the means and could also demand artistic perfection. With time, craftsmanship reached new levels and so did the status of jewelry sellers. Carving a name in the sparking playground of jewels, SS Jewelers has quite a reputation for their distinct contribution to ethnic Nepali jewelry. Established in 2069 B.S., they have kept their promise by providing the best quality gold - with a full buy back guarantee from their customers.  Their show room is a treasure trove of sparkling stones and metals, they have it all. Every piece of jewelry holds a special place at SS Jewelers, but what shines most brightly among them all is their collection of traditional “mangalsutras” and handmade jewelry.

Living up to their slogan “We design your happiness”, they specialize in customer satisfaction and of course, customizing jewelry. They have a wide selection of silver products which includes conventional puja items to eccentric contemporary fashion accessories. Celebrating relationships is perhaps the core pleasure of jewelry and out of all the relationships, marital bliss hangs like a grand center piece on the traditional jeweler. The city has a wide range of ethnic groups of Nepalis, and each group has a wedding jewelry set of their own - i.e. for Newars there is the tayo, lunswan, kilip, bhimpuma etc.  Their wedding ornaments have been influenced by Bollywood culture for both the younger and older generations. Remember when Deepika Padukone wore the famous ramleelajhumkas in her

movie! The design was an instant hit and the company was flooded with demands from everyone wanting a pair of them. However, tradition and culture are still major reasons for buying jewelry but there’s no doubt that the marriage season brings the biggest sales, followed by festivals. At 24 carat, Rani-haars are much in demand followed by earrings and bangles. They believe that a wedding is incomplete without a “mangalsutra”. It is a must in every wedding and it is the design that keeps the necklace in the trendy list.

Making a mark with their unique craftsmanship, SS Jewelers has two branches in the city - Nuwakot, which has already been around for forty years and Gongabu. And now, they are opening a new store by the end of February. They have exciting new offers and discounts for customers on the opening week and everyone is welcome!