As I was passing the art gallery of Dalai la Boutique hotel, I saw some mesmerizing paintings hanging on the walls. I was told they were the works of visual artist Manish Lal Shrestha. The limitless creativity and vision he carries within him is expressed through his artwork. He receives recognition and admiration from countless art lovers. Manish's love for painting started from childhood and his achievements started early by winning awards in school art competitions.

Professional artists in his own family were a major inspiration for him. And His mother's determination to see him as an artist led him to study at the JJ School of art in Mumbai. For the life he now leads, he gives credit to his mother's dream of watching him paint forever. Being a nephew of senior artist, Baccha Gopal Vaidya, Manish was destined to paint for his whole life it seems.

Besides his enthusiasm for painting, Manish has an unconditional love for music. Moved by the vibrations created by sounds that surrounded him, "The Sound of Existence" was created. This project portrays the presence of sound in a visual form as a bell is painted over the canvas, giving existence to sound in a pictorial way.

There is an interesting story behind why he chose the bell as a subject of sound for his paintings. "The bell has its omnipresence everywhere. It is found in many auspicious places around the world," says Manish. His artworks depict the affairs of the world around us. Apart from "The sound of Existence", he has created some superb pieces- ‘SIrani, The dotted series’ and   an amazing performance art called ‘Seto Chappal’.