In the era of advanced technology, complaints of parents about their children spending too much time with their gadgets increases day by day. The stark difference in the way parents spent their childhood days and the way their kids play today, creates a sense of disconnection. However, technology has provided an opportunity to bridge that gap through the means of Ludo apps.

This festive season, aside from card games, Ludo can be an amazing way to have a great time with your children. It's fascinating for kids to be exposed to a side of their parents that they didn't know existed. It broadens their horizon according to David Brooks in his international best seller, 'The Social Animal.'

The rules of the game are the same, only the avenue is different. There are many developers who have their own Ludo apps; there is even one by 'Hamro Patro'. You can use any app that appeals to you because ultimately, the goal is to have a great time.