Here’s a band that has embraced folk, rock, soft blues and punk and good things are coming their way. Comprised of Milan Neupane (lead vocals/ guitar), Maneesh Naubagh (drums/ vocals), Nischal Shrestha (bass), Prasanna Saha (lead guitar/ vocals), and Prasong Rupach (ukulele/ synth/ vocals),Kta Haru launched their debut album ‘Galat Nirnaya’, in September 2018 and their story is scrawled all over the footnotes of their diverse songs.Bibeka Bazra met up with the upcoming band to capture their essence for Living.                                        

How did you come together and what inspired you?

Some of the members met in college and the others came together while attending the Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory. We love listening to music and just want to write songs, compose music and we all enjoy the process of music production. Music is our passion and as for influences, there have been quite a few people in each of our lives: family and friends who have influenced us in many ways.

Is there a meaning behind the name of the band?

There isn’t any specific meaning behind the name;we’re just a couple of Kta Haru playing music together. People take the naming of their band quite seriously, but we were just interested in finding a cool name.

How has the journey been so far?

We are a brand new band that was formed early this year and have only recently released our songs and the album. The journey so far has been a lot of fun. Playing for people who truly enjoy our music is probably the best part for all of us.

What have been the most exciting and the most challenging experiences as a band?

The most challenging part was managing time and space for practice and getting everything together. We released an album after only four months of playing together, so it was a challenge to fit every instrument and song together. The most exciting part was and still is writing the lyrics and composing our songs together.

How does the future look like for Kta Haru? What’s in the pipeline?

So far, it’s been a steady journey. We are trying very hard to compose as many songs as possible and be consistent, which is lacking in the music industry today. We are making plans for our tours in the near future and we have also started working on our second album.