This year’s convention, ComCosCon 2019 was a lively event held at Labim Mall and attended by large crowds especially on the second day which was a Saturday.

Anime (Ah-ni-mey) is a Japanese term for animation for all forms of animated media including film or TV series targeting all age groups. Anime itself can be of vague genres, romance, comedy, sci-fi, supernatural, horror, you name it. Comic and Cosplay convention is a destination for young and old, to enjoy and show their love and support for anime, manga (Japanese comic), Cosplay (dressing up as a character), gaming, superhero, and all forms of pop culture.

Anime first arrived in Nepal around the early 90’s and with the broadcast of popular anime like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, One Piece, Pokémon in the late 90’s, the fan base has become stronger and is still growing. On the other hand, the proliferation of digital media has opened the doorway to thousands of anime and manga to the new generation.

Otaku Next is the first registered organization in Nepal (in 2014) to bring together Nepali artists to feature Nepali manga. They organized ComCosCon, the recent Comic and Cosplay Convention held from 1st to 2nd Nov at Labim Mall. The mall was decorated admirably with vivid lights, and filled with attractive anime merchandise in abundance. Snacks and drinks consumption was high among revelers which must have pleased the eateries and organizers.

The other attraction of the convention were various competitions such as anime dancing and singing, cosplay, etc. They appeared one after the other in flamboyant costumes which brought loud cheers from the audience. Some participants seemed to be very popular with the crowd. The singing competition was more of a tame affair with competitors going acoustic. There were attractive cash prizes for first, second and third placed finalists made possible by the sponsors. The Cosplayers in creative costumes and characters happily mingled with the audience, chatting and taking pictures and very much enjoying the event to the fullest.

Some of the cosplayers that were seen in the convention were:

Kaneki Ken, the Main Protagonist of the anime series “Tokyo Ghoul”. He was a normal college student, until the day he met Rize Kamishiro, a ghoul who lures Kaneki into an alley after their date, and trying to devour Kaneki. Rize and Kaneki both get into an accident; surprisingly Kaneki survives but Rize dies. Due to the critical condition of Kaneki, the doctor transplants Rize’s organ to replace Kaneki’s own, resulting in Kaneki becoming the first artificial one- eyed ghoul.

Escanor, a protagonist of the anime “Seven Deadly Sins” is one of the sins. He gains immense power during the day but gradually decreasing as night falls. He is full of power during the day and filled with pride, he’s boastful and dominating, but during the night he is skittish, submissive and constantly polite.

Kurumi Tokisaki, a third spirit to appear in the series is the first spirit as an antagonist. Her weapon is a gun that shoots bullets to manipulate time, making it quite difficult to fight her and she’s earned the name “Nightmare” or “Worst Spirit”.

Joker is a super villain and the nemesis of Batman. Joker was first introduced on Batman #1 and has remained consistently popular. He is a master criminal with a clown-like appearance and is considered one of the most infamous criminals.

ComCosCon 2019 was huge and very successful, as it was made public with the aim of making Kathmandu folks more aware of pop cultures that prevail in the valley. The public had mixed reactions; very surprised or curious to know what was going on and even drawn to the fandom. Large crowds filled the mall and there were people looking down from all the floors. Some were busy running around taking pictures with the popular cosplayers. The convention ended with fans already looking forward to the next one. If you hear the news of a Convention, make sure you are there.