A young musician Sushant K.C., is a commerce student studying music along with his other subjects. A singer/songwriter, he is pursuing his studies in Sydney, Australia but that doesn’t stop him from contributing to Nepali music.  He started making music from 2016 with an early production called Blue Figments. Excerpts from an interview with Living:

Did you always want to be a musician?

No, not really. Currently I am studying for my Bachelor in Commerce degree and I have a deep interest in music, so I'm on my way to making a career out of it.

When did you start out as a musician?

Music has always been a part of my life. I was passionate about music from my childhood, and guitar stores used to catch my eye while roaming about the streets. So I asked my parents to buy me a guitar, and my mother gifted me a mini guitar.  That was the first time I held a guitar and also was the beginning of my musical journey.

So how has this career been treating you so far?

So far it's been good; I am getting good responses from my listeners and that motivates me to write more songs. I never thought I would perform publicly but since my listeners insisted as they wanted to watch me live, I was pushed on to the stage.

Most of your songs are based on love. Are they dedicated to someone special?

Not exactly, I wrote them from my imagination but some of them are based on the love stories of my friends. Yes, in my album, Blue Figments there may be a couple of songs that relate to me. But they are not dedicated to anyone. The songs in this album were arranged and produced by Rahul Pradhan. After its release, I went to Australia for my studies, so it was a break year in my career. Now I am on track again since 2018 with the release of Maya Ma leading to Timile, Muskurayera, Satayera.

Tell us about your next album.

I have not thought it through as I am only releasing singles right now.  I've recently delivered a new song that is entitled Lakshya and I also prepared a track named Sathi. So I'm thinking about working on its music video but I have not confirmed its release date.

You are also a business student, so did you face any challenges when you took music along with your studies?

With an aim to study business, I pursued A Levels from Rato Bangala School. During that time, music was just a hobby for me. After completion of my course I took a gap year before enrolling myself in the University and created music for Blue Figments. Well, there were no such challenges as I loved doing music. I spend my free time making music and it is an escape for me rather than work.

Do you prefer a specific genre?

My last song was composed as a Raga but this is not my genre. Well I'm trying to explore by experimenting more of itHowever, I mostly listen to R n B and EDM but none of my songs fall under these categories so I want to give them a go in my future tracks.

So when you started off, did you start out with covers or originals?

As soon as I made my channel, I started by uploading my originals with Kaha Jau and Ama, which is dedicated to all the mothers.

Among all your songs, which one is your favorite and why?

Muskurayera is my favorite because this song that took more time and effort than the others. It is also a song that relates to the story of someone I know and I got lots of positive feedback for this song.