Auspicious occasions like weddings and rites of passage ceremonies need to be documented for people to go back to and reminisce fondly. Minute details such as a bride’s heartbroken tears on leaving her parents’ home to strangers showering blessings on you, such memories should be preserved. And who should be called upon to do the job other than a wedding photographer. These professionals are trained and equipped to capture those precious moments for posterity. Here are five talented photographers well known for their capabilities and professionalism.


Kerwin Rajkarnikar, Wedding Scrapbook

A professional photographer based in Kathmandu, Kerwin Rajkarnikar has been in the profession for the last seven years. When he was offered the opportunity to take the wedding pictures at one of his friends’ wedding in 2013, he discovered a new passion for photographing the celebration of love and life shared by two people. He realized how much capturing this beautiful part of life meant to him. Soon afterwards he started Wedding Scrapbook which till date he feels is the biggest achievement of his life.

With passion Kerwin takes candid pictures, capturing that special moment at the right time and right spot. He likes to work towards success through hard work rather than dreaming about it. Kerwin specializes in the wedding and event photography sharing his time between Wedding Scrapbook and Trishara Restaurant. He has been engaged in the past  working on a number of cooperate events such as the Ncell Purple Fest, Miss Teen 2015, Real School of Nepal (Nepal Tour) 2015-16 etc.


Om Lal Akayla, FotoKriti

Though a late comer compared to other professional photographers, today Om Lal Akayla is well established as one of the best wedding and event photographers. Consumed with a passion for photography, he switched from business to full time photography. Akayla worked as a photojournalist before discovering his true calling as a wedding and event photographer. It has been fifteen years since he decided to specialize in wedding and events photography and has won many awards to mark his achievements.

While his company FotoKriti excels in producing splendid pre and post wedding pictures

including those of the wedding ceremony, Akayla realizes a change is coming and acknowledges a new direction that wedding photography is going these days. Akayla firmly believes that a good wedding photographer is one who is capable of framing those precious moments during the wedding ceremony without having everyone pause for a shot. These candid shots taken in sequence show the step by step process of a ceremony revealing their meanings, which is rather important for future generations to see as traditions tend to be lost in time.


Avishesh Raj Maskey & Shilu Jain, Arihant’s Studio

Taking up wedding photography back in 2014, Avishesh Raj Maskey and Shilu Jain have been working as a team, quarreling like Tom & Jerry at times. But when their conflicting ideas are merged together they produce some of their finest images. Having learnt his art from a Russian photographer and from Noida, India, Avishesh has been working professionally for the last eight years. With an interest in fashion and art as well, he also does other kinds of photography besides wedding photography. Shilu on the other hand has followed the dream set for her by her mum to become a photographer, relying on inspiration she goes to great lengths to get the result she wants.

Individually and collectively under their company Arihant’s Studio, this duo specializes in product and wedding photography. Their pictures of weddings showcase an elegant fusion of contemporary fashion art with cultural aspects. Their love for capturing true feelings, rather than what they’ve been told to capture is what drives their passion for wedding photography.


Buddha Singh, Fotopasal

Buddha Singh’s role as a wedding photographer runs alongside his company, Fotopasal, which made waves and started the trend of wedding photography as we know it today in the country. The principal member of the company, Buddha Singh has played a significant role in changing the concept of wedding photography in Nepal since he started Fotopasal in 2011. Introducing the new concept of pre and post wedding photos as well as cinematic video shoots applying newer techniques Buddha made a name for himself and at the same time opened up a bigger market for this profession.

Not limiting himself to wedding photography, he has worked with different national and international organizations like WHO, FNCCI, Worldlink, Raleigh International, ICTC, Norvic Hospital, Nidan Hospital, Classic Tech, EO Nepal, Hotel Hyatt Nepal and many others.

He loves the work he does and his zeal extends to the public in the form of various types of photography and videography. He is driven by a passion to capture the beautiful and unforgettable moments of this life, especially the wedding.

Sanu Raj Maharjan, View Finder

After years of working for the mainstream print media such as VOW, Boss, and The Himalayan Times, Sanu Raj Maharjan started professional work as a wedding photography in 2010.  “I deeply enjoy capturing the life moments associated with a wedding. A wedding in itself is a beautiful part and highlight of one’s life,” exclaims Maharjan.  Specializing in capturing the beautiful moments of the wedding ceremony, Maharjan also takes breathtaking pre and post wedding photos. Having produced amazing wedding portraits and captivating shots of various events for more than eight years, Sanu Raj undoubtedly is capable of capturing details of life in remarkable color and composition and full of emotion.