Nepal may not be considered highly in terms of Motorsports around the world. But some organizations and groups are really trying hard to lift up the Motorsporting scene in Nepal.

Here are some of the most happening Motorsport events in Nepal.


Organized by Nepal Automobiles’ Association (NASA) and Nepal Motorcycle Federation (NMF), Racemandu is annually held in the second week of March. Till date, it has completed four seasons. It one of the most popular short circuit bike races and commercial events that have grabbed attention of many bikers who have interest in racing. The winner gets the chance to go and train abroad and represent Nepal in such international events.

Enfield Rendezvous & Poker Fun

Enfield Rendezvous Summit is one of the most successful motorsport events in Nepal. Started by Rabi Thapa eight years ago, the year’s (Eighth Season) Enfield Rendezvous saw the participation of more than 250 Enfielders from more than ten countries. The event is a touring motorsport where participants have to travel more than 200 kilometers playing poker. The winner is awarded with various titles and awards. This event takes place during Nepali New Year’s Eve and is completed by returning to Kathmandu on the second day of the Nepali New Year.


RaceNari is the first female national race championship, initiated by Nepal Motorcycle Federation (NMF) and Nepal Automobiles’ Association (NASA). It was held on 20th February this year. The event was divided into three sub-events along with an entertainment segment at the end of the show. It started off with Scooter Gymkhana Competition followed by Scooter Slow Race and the first ever Females’ Bike Race Competition. The lady riders of Riders Unified who performed the stunts at the end of the show left the crowd in awe.

KCM Girls On Wheels

KCM College has brought in one of the interesting motorsports in Nepal. Organized by KCM Students’ Club, KCM Girls on Wheels is a treasure hunt and ride event for girls. The game starts from Civil Mall, Sundhara, Kathmandu and ends up in KCM College. A team of two consisting of a rider and navigator per scooter is given a clue or puzzle which they have to solve and end the game. It has been a popular event among girls and the number of participant is increasing each year.


Saturday Ride Nepal

Saturday Ride Nepal is an online community for those who want to take a leisurely ride on Saturdays with their loved ones. The main theme of Saturday Ride Nepal is to develop biker-hood and Saturday ride culture in Nepal. The admin of the Facebook page posts the ride details like date, time, venue and destination where bikers can join and go for ride with the community. Through these rides, Saturday Ride Nepal also wants to educate the bikers about discipline, road rides, rally rides, riding and racing techniques and importance of wearing safety gears while riding.


International Female Ride Day Nepal 2016 & National Gymkhana Championship

International Female Ride Day is celebrated all over the world annually on the 7th of May. Nepal also celebrated this year’s International Female Ride Day Nepal 2016. The event was organized by Nepal Motorcycle Federation (NMF) in association with Nepal Automobiles’ Association (NASA) and Female in Motorcycle (WIM) under the concept of Dipesh “Casper” Shrestha from Riders Unified. A total of 19 female participants from Nepal Sports Council joined the ride, which was from Tripureshwor to Godawari.


Honda Diva Cup

Held at Syakar Safety Riding Training Center at Gwarko, Honda Diva Cup is the most popular scooter racing competition in Nepal. More than 50 lady racers participate in this annual bonanza and each year the number has been growing. What is so attractive about this race is that the safety gears are provided by the organizers and moreover stunt shows and also musical programs have really attracted racers and race lovers to come and show their support to women empowerment.


Riders Unified International Bike and Cycle Stunt Show

Stunting has been quite an entertaining motorsport in Nepal. Grabbing this opportunity, Riders Unified hosted its International Bike & Cycle Stunt Show featuring Milan Pradhan from Sikkim, India at Sankata Club, New Road. The event was held on 30th April, 2016 followed by another edition of the event on 7th May, 2016 at Jawalakhel, Lalitpur. In both shows many stunt lovers thronged the venue and showed high appreciation of the stunt riders as stunting in Nepal. Riders Unified held these shows with a motive to promote stunt riding in Nepal.


Bikers Nepal Off – Road Time Trail Race

For all the dirt bike and off-road race enthusiasts, Bikers Nepal organized a time trail off-road race for 250cc dirt bikes on April 23rd this year at Riverside Spring Resort, Kurintar. Around 30 bikers entered the competition to complete a 2.2-kilometer track in as little time as possible. The racetrack, built by the organizers, was exciting and had lots of natural technical difficulties for the racers. This made the race much more fun as all those off-road enthusiasts with their own dirt bikes could enter the competition and show their skills.