CF Moto 400NK


CF Moto, the new motorcycle company in the market has a lot to prove in order to compete with its international competitors that have already made a mark. But most importantly, it needs to prove that “Made in China” doesn’t always mean low grade products. Taking out the 400NK, one of CF Moto’s products for a test ride we found out what it’s worth.

The Looks

CF Moto 400NK is an all-about-muscles style motorcycle. The motorcycle has that appealing masculine naked sport motorcycle appearance carved by the same Austrian motorcycle design firm as KTM motorcycles, KISKA. Although it has been designed by KISKA, it doesn’t resemble a KTM motorcycle and has its own identity. The 400NK has that beefy look like pumped bodybuilders which ladies crave for.

If you are wondering if the 400NK is a head turner or not, rest assured it is. The motorcycle has that glaring and sharp headlamp frame with LED pilot lamps at the front. It has retractable type front forks suspension system positioned above the wide 120/70ZR 17-inch stylish front tire with 300mm twin disc braking system with Continental ABS system. The instrument console is completely digitalized and has a speedometer, gear and fuel indicator as well as an informative tachometer.  As for the rear part of 400NK, it has a two piece seating to make both rider and pillion comfortable during the ride. Also at the rear you will find a wide 160/60ZR 17-inch tire with a 240mm disc braking system.


Performance and Handling

CF Moto 400NK is powered by a 400cc, 2-cylinder incline, 8-valve liquid cooled DOHC parallel-twin BOSCH EFI engine with a six-speed transmission. CF Moto claims the motorcycle delivers max power of 42bhp and max torque of 35.4Nm which seems to be too good to be true in the initial gear. But once you hop on to the motorcycle and take it for a spin, you can actually feel the CF Moto power. Change to second gear and the 400NK delivers even more power. Though the motorcycle is good to take off quickly from a stationary position and you just seem to enjoy its power, you’ll soon realize that going for a cruise on a 400NK seems far better than riding in the busy streets and roads.

The motorcycle might look bulky in the busy roads due to its kerb weight of 206 kg, actually it is quite nimble and easy to handle courtesy its wide handle. But still the 400NK really excels on the open road where you can test its true characteristics and ride it as a free bird.

CFMoto 400NK has a well set-up retractable type front suspension and cantilever rear suspension that can easily stand at the top even in sharp bumps. No bumps or potholes can upset the rider and pillion and the motorcycle also has a good ground clearance of 150mm. Its braking system is adequate and offers sharp stopping power and wide radial tires giving riders more comfort. Combining all the features and specifications of the 400NK, the motorcycle offers a great blend of ride quality and handling.

The Final Say

CF Moto’s 400NK is definitely a fun and exciting new prospect that can compete with other heavy weights of naked sport motorcycle market in Nepal. The 400NK delivers enough power for a 400cc motorcycle. The handling is quite nimble and gives the rider total control throughout the ride. Riders who are above of 5 feet 7 inches can easily handle it and have a comfortable ride. The 17 liter fuel tank also ensures long distance riding without having to stop time and again to fill up, which is why I recommend the 400 NK for cruising. Once you ride this bike, the tag “Made in China” begins to garner respect. The motorcycle is currently priced at Rs. 6, 40,000 and is available at CF Moto Showroom, Naxal, Kathmandu.