The First Look
We headed for Classsic Wheels showroom in Panipokhari, Kathmandu to get our hands on the new Ace Classic 400. It was sheer delight to see the retro 70s style looking machines at first. We could also spot people coming around to have a look and trying out the bike. For us, Ace Classic 400 scores full points when it comes to design. The retro styling of the bike gives that cool dude look. The design and graphics incorporated in the fuel tank is pretty graphical, unique and gives a bright presence to the bike whether it is in the showroom or on the road. Added appeal of the bike is the telescopic front suspension, the metallic front and rear fenders and mainly the classy looking seat that gives a complete classic style. Overall, the British have maintained their reputation in terms of dressing up with Ace British Classic 400.

Checking their Performance

Before we hopped on to an Ace Classic 400, there was one question in our minds about its power compared to an Enfield. Royal Enfield is known for its power, so we were wondering if Ace Classic will be the next one to top Enfield or will it be left behind the pack. The answer to our question came as soon as we popped the clutch and took it for a ride. The single cylinder oil- cooled four stroke engine responded immediately in 29bhp at 7000rpm. The power of Ace Classic 400 is fascinating. The well placed 398cc in the middle of the bike gives that relaxing ride with no vibrations at all to either the rider or the pillion rider. One can also push the Ace Classic to its maximum by powering the throttle to feel the real raw power of the British or you can just go at an easy pace like a cruiser. Don’t be surprised if you get some attention during the ride. The bike itself is charming and the dual silencers do emit the kind of sound that leaves people transfixed as they look at you and the bike. 

Classy retro style good mechanism, that will impress any biker.

Is It Stable?
Ace Classic 400 is an awesome bike for power, speed and steadiness while riding. And the handling and braking of the bike also doesn’t disappoint at all. The wide low weight handle bars of the bike gives ease of handling to the rider when it comes to twists and turns whether on the streets or on the open roads. It doesn’t feel like a cruiser type handle that is stiff and difficult to move. The handle bar is flexible and one can be very comfortable with it. As for the suspension, it might be basic but it does the job. The suspension supports the aesthetics of the bike pretty well and even on bumps both rider and pillion rider won’t feel a thing. We were hoping for a rear disc braking system in the Classic 400 because of its power but the drum rear brake also does its job very well. It also gets plus points when it comes to style of the bike. Front disc brake, rear drum brake, telescopic duel suspension, big front-rear tires and wide handles; all that defines a retro bike.

The Final Word
Currently, Classic Wheels have priced Ace British Classic 400 at Rs. 5, 80,000 which is really reasonable for what one gets for that price. Spare parts are also easily available which makes the bike much more valuable for the buyer. Besides, Ace Classic is a very versatile bike. The bike can be turned into a café racer, scrambler, bobber or tracker just by adjusting the handle and rear segments of the bike with the same engine and specifications. Ace Classic 400 of Ace British Motorcycle is a powerful machine with good overall specifications and features that defines a quality product. It does have that classy retro style, good mechanism and power pack performance that will impress any biker.