The Honda Civic has finally grown out of its awkward growing up phase. No longer will people mock you for buying the new 2017 Honda Civic.

I still remember the first time I saw a Honda Civic. It was way back in 1982 when one of my uncles used to own a cute mini, first produced in 1972.  Since then, Honda Civic has come a long way.

While I was waiting for the new Civic its strong shoulder and the flowing roof immediately grabbed my attention. As I walked around the car, I was smitten by it’s sharp cuts and creases. Honda has definitely nailed it on the exterior front and the detailing is seriously radical.   While you’re checking out the rear end of the car, you cannot help but admire the futuristic look and I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of space the boot offers. One gets the impression you could live inside it.

Once you slip inside, you find yourself with abundant space around you. But Honda has clearly taken to account the driver’s perspective. The steering grip feels superb and thick. The big seat suits drivers of all sizes while the cabin feels nice and airy. But no rear AC vents? I wonder why, since the Civic is touted as a premium brand. The new Civic has a sporty look compared to its predecessor while the wheel base has also been increased.

Turning our attention to the driving front, the engine responds quickly. The steering is light and easy which will definitely bring a smile to the driver’s face. But I had to be very cautious about ground clearance. Given the fact that at present, practically all our roads have been dug up, it was a tedious drive as I was constantly worried about hitting the ground. The 1500cc engine is crisp and very responsive but I fail to understand why Honda settled for a smaller engine; after all size does matter. Anyone who can afford a price tag of Rs. 75 lacks won’t be too worried about fuel consumption. The importers should give some thought to bringing in the high trim model.

Taking all aspects into consideration, the Honda Civic truly lives up to the legacy.