If Only Looks Could Kill – Scomadi Turismo Leggera 125

A little over a month ago, Scomadi entered the Nepali market with its beautiful retro looking scooters. Yes, the design of Turismo Leggera 125 seemed like it is made in Italy like Vespa. In fact, it is designed by an Englishmen while most of its parts are manufactured in China. It appears as if a world union campaign has been going on through Scomadi.

We visited Scomadi’s Showroom at Maharajgunj to see for ourselves what the scooter has to offer. We were totally in awe when we saw TL 125. It has everything that makes a scooter appear classy and sporty along with pinches of modern technologies. Apparently, the scooter doesn’t have many faults while looking from the exterior design point of view. Everything seems to be going well for the scooter and even the plastic body suit its racing type graphics. What concerned me about Scomadi TL 125 is the seat height. Yes, the seats are broader and very high, making it difficult for shorter people to ride comfortably. There are some touches fitted in TL 125 that makes it a modern scooter like the digital indicators, front and rear disc braking system, adjustable suspensions and electric start system. It might look like a bulky version of old Vespa but has all the machinery of its own that makes Scomadi a new brand to watch out for.

After glancing and making judgment on every part of TL 125 from outside, it was time to see what it is made of on the inside. Scomadi happily agreed with us in taking TL 125 for a stroll through the roads and streets of Kathmandu. The engine started easily and we did liked the clean sound produced by the scooter. Scomadi has fitted a generic lump, air-cooled and carburetor fed engine which does look strong and powerful at first, but when we throttled up the scooter, we were quite disappointed with the initial grunt that the TL 125 gave us. Although it gives max power of 9.86bhp @ 7,300rpm, TL 125’s power to us wasn’t just enough as we thought it would be as powerful as it looks. It might have been because of its 11 liter fuel tank which does add a massive amount of weight but still the power should have been up to scratch.

Coming into its braking capacity and comfort that TL 125 provides to the rider and pillion rider, we give full marks to Scomadi in terms of braking, but in terms of comfort, vibration of the scooter during the ride makes the pillion rider quite uncomfortable. Smooth roads are what Scomadi TL 125 is made for because when coming across bumps, the front part of the scooter tends not to handle them very well. Yes, both the front and rear brakes of the scooter are of disc braking system which is a massive plus point for Scomadi TL 125. Both rear and front suspensions are also easily adjustable according to the roads and handling of the scooter is also good.

The Scomadi TL 125 doesn’t have a storage box but the 11 liter fuel tank capacity makes up for that. You won’t have to worry about running out of fuel with Scomadi because it does provide a decent mileage of 35-40 kmpl. The current price of Scomadi Turismo Leggera 125 is Rs. 2, 80,000 which we think might give competition to Vespa as of now. People who are above 5.6 feet and who love classic looking scooters would simply fall in love with this scooter in an instant. The scooter’s large fuel tank capacity benefits Scomadi for those who want to use a scooter during long trips and tours. However disappointing the engine response and vibration may be, the Scomadi will certainly resound throughout the market with these classy type scooters in the future.