Three individuals, each belonging to a different profession are bonded together by one common passion – motor biking. In this issue of Living, they open up about their love affair with their machine

On weekdays Kapil Phuyal is a hardworking, dedicated Monitoring and Knowledge Management Officer in a reputed NGO. Come weekend, he is just an excited biker looking forward to his share of a long, amazing ride on his Honda CBR 250r. If not that, he is just looking for ways to make additional modifications to his already modified bike. “I get very excited about customization,” he confesses. 

Your first bike ride experience.

Well, I can clearly remember riding my father and uncle’s Honda XL 185. I used to sit on the bike almost always and pretend to be riding with the oversized helmet on my head. Going on long rides, seated on the tank of the XL was one of the best feelings. I enjoyed being on the bike but the real fun started when I could ride it. 

What bike do you consider the most beautiful production motorcycle ever built? 

The most beautiful production motorcycle for me is the Ducati 999r. The elegant design, styling and the performance is just remarkable. 

A motorbike you despise.

I don’t have much dislikes regarding motorcycles but when Honda released the NM4, I was like, what was Honda thinking? The bike is a mixture of a cruiser and scooter. Also it is a Batman edition. 

An everyday “modern” bike that you think has the potential of becoming a future classic.

At present, the only bike that comes to my mind is the Ducati X Diavel S. The X Diavel has all the modern technology, riding comfort, and styling. I believe that the X Diavel will be a timeless piece in the history of the motorcycle industry. 

Your love for motor biking.

Riding is not just about having the coolest bike or reaching somewhere. It is about the relationship between man and machine. This is the thing I love the most. 

He is an educator, a husband, a father, and a music aficionado. But when he’s astride his Enfield Classic 350, he is just a cruiser. Patrick Wilson isn’t a Wild Hogs (the movie) member, but he could easily pass off as one. A regular at the Enfield Poker Run event, he loves riding his Enfield and says, “When I’m on my bike, I’m a young, free and adventurous human being who can just about do anything without having to really worry about the consequences.” 

The first bike you bought with your own money.

My first real two-wheeler was a scooter Vespa, and my first real bike was a Yahama Enduro dirt bike.  Believe it or not, I bought this bike for 30 thousand rupees and spent about 6 thousand maintaining it. Once Indian bikes started to be imported into Nepal, I then bought a brand new Hero Honda SS.  I think I sold the Enduro for about 10 to 15 thousand rupees. I really don’t remember.

Your first bike ride experience.

My very first “real” bike ride experience was when I got an opportunity to join 350 other bikers and went to Pokhara for the 6th Enfield Poker Run. Riding my first bike, the Yahama Enduro, for the first time in Kathmandu made me realize that I prefer bikes more than scooters (since he owned a Vespa before a bike).

About your current bike – the Enfield Classic 350...

Enfield Classic 350 was my dream bike right from my college days.  It’s a bike I always wanted. In fact, during my college days I used to sleep with the picture of an Enfield hoping one day I would own the same. It did take almost 30 years for my wish to come true but it did come true and I am just elated. I bought this bike almost three years ago.  It was only three years ago that I had enough finances to buy the bike. Every day out with the bike is an experience and memory; riding on the streets of Kathmandu, the feeling I get on the Enfield cannot be explained in words because it is so very different from other bikes and cars. You just feel majestic on it, that’s all I can say. 

What do you love about motor biking?

 Motor biking doesn’t tie you down. You are free as a bird and especially with the Enfield; it’s an adventurous, powerful and awesome bike for long enjoyable rides.

Your idea of perfect happiness in bikers’ terms?

 The Enfielder’s motto is” Born to be Wild”. So, just packing my bags and going into the wilderness with no real agenda and just doing what you like doing without hurting others is probably my idea of perfect happiness in bikers’ terms.

For Ram Shah, his life revolves around motor biking, and his passion for Bullet bikes surpasses everything. A dedicated member of the NASA Bullet Club in Nepal, he firmly believes in a very popular quote amongst Bullet riders, “Bullet bike lot le purano hundaina. Bullet rider umer le budo hundaina.” 

Your first motorbike.

It was the same Bullet bike that I currently have. I invested a fair share of my salary and also asked monetary support from my family to purchase it. 

A favourite route or journey you like to take on the bike. Every road has its own story to tell. When I went to Mustang, it was a different experience than when I made the journey to Rara. I like them all. 

Your love for motor biking.

At NASA Bullet Club, we have a saying, “Four wheels move body. Two wheels move soul.” That should sum up my love for motor biking.