The Japanese crossover, Subaru Forester has been the favorite for many, when it comes to city driving but also for adventure purposes. Subaru is famous for developing vehicles for rally car racing with its technologically advanced features which make their vehicles versatile while also incorporating comfort features. A crossover primarily shares the characteristics of a car and an SUV and the Subaru Forester completes that tagline. The Forester is a product of advanced engineering which performs well on the street as well as off road. The crossover combines the reliability of an SUV with comfort which ensures the Forester name keeps shining bright as always. The new Forester has the Symmetrical All Wheel Drive (SAWD) system which was developed by Subaru to generate optimum weight distribution resulting in low center of gravity, thus improving the handling of the vehicle. The company believes the Forester can be a handful in city driving besides being great for adventures drives.

The Forester AWD comes with a 2.5 liter Continuously Variable Automatic Transmission (CVT). The 2.5 liter engine exerts 170 hp, 196Nm torque and takes 6.3 seconds to go from 0-60kmph. The four-door crossover accommodates up to five people and four for ultra comfort with hand-rest in the rear seat. It has a 60 liter tank and has a mileage of around 11kmpl in the city. Compared to the previous Forester, the new model has a ground clearance of 220mm (20mm higher than the previous model). It also comes with a 17 inch alloy wheel and a 225/R17 tire. 

Adding to the features, the Forester also includes: satin roof rails, integrated side light mirrors, projection headlamps, rear spoiler, split tailgate, dual exhaust pipe with chrome finish, electric sunroof, automatic climate control, cooled glove box, 80-way power adjustable driver seat, power outlets in the rear seat as well as in the boot space area, reverse sensors, audio controls on the steering wheel, dual airbags, traction control system, descent control system, and electronic stability program. The tail gate can also be activated through the power-lift which is in the key. The noise cancelling body work and thicker windows allows the driver to enjoy a noise-free drive on longer journeys. Likewise, the CVT transmission is very practical and gives good fuel efficiency. 


One of the most important elements of the crossover is also the X-mode that comes with the AWD model. The X-mode primarily controls the throttle and engine, along with the optimum use of the AWD transmission. This mode comes into play in conditions like hill ascent and descent, and when trying to keep the wheels from skidding in vertical conditions as well as muddy surfaces. After enhancing the X-mode, the screen mounted on the dashboard of the vehicle shows all the tire conditions and power flow of the vehicle in accordance to the terrain. By activating the X mode, the driver can drive through normal off-road terrain effortlessly. During hill descents, the vehicle has full control with no tires scraping. The hill descent control works on a wheel-by-wheel basis which optimizes traction and the driver has full control over the vehicle. There is less stress on the brakes as it will control traction and stop the tires from skidding.

The all new Subaru Forester is a complete package for a city ride or an off-road experience. Crossovers being the current choice for many in Nepal, the Forester can compete with the other crossovers and SUV's in the Nepali market in contention with the Nissan X-trail, Honda CRV, Toyota Rav4, and the Renault Duster. The Forester comes in different color options like Marine Blue Pearl, Camelia Red Pearl, Satin White Pearl, Dark Grey Metallic, and various other options. The stated price of Subaru Forester is Rs. 1, 10,000.
Vijay Motors Pvt. Ltd. is the authorized distributor of Subaru and their showroom is located in Naxal, Bhagwati Marga, Kathmandu.